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6 Reasons to Use Face Oil

April 18, 2016

When it comes to moisturizing your face, chances are good, you rely on a facial moisturizer or face serum to whip your skin into shape. While both skin care products are essentials in their own right, there may be one product you’ve looked past or deciding against using: face oil. Maybe you’ve stayed away because you have oily skin, or perhaps you think that your skin is properly nourished and doesn’t need extra hydration. Facial oil, however, is not a skin care products reserved solely for dry skin—practically anyone can use a facial oil as a beneficial part of their skin care routine.

Sure, having a ton of oil on your face may not seem ideal, but the right face oil can have a surprising amount of benefits when you apply it correctly. Ready to explore the wonders of this buzzy skin care product? Follow along for six reasons to use face oil.


Before we get into all the reasons why you need to add a face oil to your arsenal, you need to know exactly what this essential is. Face oils are designed to provide skin with moisture and lock in hydration. Typically formulated with a mixture of plant oils, this essential comes in handy to soften, nourish, and balance skin for a healthy-looking glow. 


Ready to see what all the hype is about concerning face oil? Here are six reasons why this beauty staple is a staple in the first place.

1. It seals in moisture and adds extra nourishment. While anyone, even those with oily skin, can benefit from facial oil, they can be especially nourishing for dry skin. Whether you are experiencing dry skin because of the weather, or you always have dry skin, facial oil can help boost your moisturizer’s hydrating efforts. When you apply oil on your face after your moisturizer, it seals in all of the hydrating ingredients, making your skin more likely to hold onto that added hydration. Beyond helping to seal in hydration, the best face oils can provide nourishment of their own, as well.

Apply a few drops of facial oil in the morning and at night after your moisturizer if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, consider only applying at night.

2. It promotes a healthy-looking glow. Your skin may appear dull and dry as you age—this is common because your skin produces fewer natural oils over time. Your skin may also look dull if your body is dehydrated, you haven’t had enough sleep, or you don’t exfoliate enough. No matter the cause of your dull skin, using oils on your face can help restore moisture and encourage glowing skin. A face oil can also be used for an immediate glowing effect. You can smooth one onto the high points of your face as a makeup-free, natural-looking highlight.

3. It can help foundation apply more smoothly. The silky, luxurious feel of facial oil makes it a great skin care product to apply before your concealer or liquid foundation. If your skin is dry, flaky, or has blemishes, it can be difficult to apply makeup with a seamless finish. A facial oil can help your makeup brushes glide across the skin so you can create a flawless base, making it less likely that your makeup clumps or streaks.

Editor’s tip: Beyond using face oil under makeup, you can also mix the two together. Try adding a few drops of face oil to your favorite foundation, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation, Lightweight, for a slightly more sheer and more glow-boosting formula.

4. It can protect skin. When applied as the last step of your skin care routine in the morning, facial oil can act as a barrier for the outer layer of your skin.

5. It can keep damaging free radicals at bay. Depending on the formula you choose, your face oil may have antioxidant properties that work wonders for the skin. One of the main benefits you may ask? Protecting skin from free radicals. Yup, the right face oil option can help prevent some of the negative skin effects of free radicals, like loss of elasticity and photoaging.

6. It won’t clog your pores. Think that putting oil on a face is a recipe for clogged pores? Think again. With the right amount of face oil and the right formula, acne shouldn’t be a factor. You can seek out non-comedogenic face oils in particular to avoid clogged pores.

Next up: Now that you have the 4-1-1 on using face oil, let’s cover another skin care must-have. Head on over to our article, What Is a Face Serum and Why Should You Use One.

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