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How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Makeup

July 08, 2020

We can all agree that it’s super easy to fall into a makeup rut. You know, playing it safe with neutral makeup and classic looks while avoiding colorful makeup products. It may be intimidating to hop on the pop of color makeup trend, but that’s what exploring makeup is all about. This trend is a great way to show off your creativity, and the possibilities are endless for an unforgettable makeup look. Even better, there are plenty of wearable looks that you can add to your everyday routine. Curious? Follow along as we share 11 pop of color makeup looks that will have you embracing bright and bold shades with open arms.


One of the easiest ways to welcome a pop of color into your makeup look is with the trendy inner corner highlight. Featuring a gorgeous wash of color along the inner corner of your eye, this trend allows you to brighten your gaze while playing with color for a flattering finish. To get the look, apply a small amount of the L’Oréal Paris Brilliant Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup for peepers that shine bright.


Prefer a more dramatic eye makeup look? Consider trying highlighter eyes on for size. Offering an edgy vibe, this look is all about flaunting richly pigmented eyeshadow for the right amount of intensity. Colors like neon yellow, neon green, bright orange will do the trick. Just be sure to keep the rest of your makeup on the neutral side to make your eyes the star of the show.


Colored mascara rises to the pop of color occasion, giving your lashes a fuller appearance and a colorful hue at the same time. Depending on the shade you choose, you can also complement the color of your eyes and add vibrant flair to your eye makeup. Head on over to our article, How to Wear Colored Mascara, and give your standard black tube a break.


Speaking of colorful eyes, it’s only right that we put the neon cat eye on your radar. An excellent way to sport a trend-forward look, neon cat eyes are a nice change of pace from your classic black look. Grab a neon eyeliner and wing it with the help of our article, How to Achieve Your Sharpest Winged Eyeliner Look.


Think that your eye makeup is the only way to flaunt the pop of color makeup trend? Think again! You can totally don a burst of color with blush! It’s one of our favorite options to amp up your complexion and sport a radiant look that will turn heads. From bright pink and orange to berry and red-orange shades, the possibilities are endless. Try the trend by sweeping your cheeks with the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Makeup Radiant Satin Blush with Camellia Oil in Marigold.


Another one of our favorite ways to flaunt a pop of color is via bright lips. Bold lipstick has come a long way in the beauty world, and it’s become a must-have beauty look. Whether you fancy deep reds and corals or purples and pinks, the right offering can give your makeup look the perfect wash of color. Pick up a vivid shade from the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain line to make some magic happen.


If you want to level up your eye makeup without the need for eyeshadow, bold underliner will suit your needs. Not only is bottom liner a great way to shake things up, but this look also allows you to experiment with various trends for a unique finish. From reversed winged liner to geometric shapes and everything in between, get ready to turn heads. Check out our article, 12 Stylish Ways You Can Wear Bottom Liner, for plenty of ideas.


Want to keep your eyeliner on the upper half of your eye? Well, you can still stray from tradition. Step outside of the box with floating crease eyeliner. As the name suggests, this look flaunts a line just above your crease for a floating effect. Perfect for those who love avant-garde makeup, this look will fall right in line. Click through to our article, What Is a Floating Crease? Your New Favorite Eyeliner Trend, to craft this look like a pro.


For those who are down to add a sparkly effect to their makeup, colorful face gems are a foolproof way to make it happen. While you may think that face gems are reserved for festival season, you can totally add them to your everyday look. Flaunt them solo or use them to amp up your eye makeup—it’s all up to you.


Can’t get enough of gorgeous highlighter? It’s time to explore the world of holographic highlighter. This trend is all about giving your cheeks a luminous yet eye-catching shimmer of color. Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Galaxy Stick and apply it to your cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid’s bow to achieve a colorful glow.


If there is one trend that makes it super easy to experiment with a pop of color, pastel eyeshadow tops the list. These shades offer up major color pay off while still being soft and subtle. You can sweep a pastel shade all over your lid or apply it to the inner corners of your eyes. Pick up the L’Oréal Paris Brilliant Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup in Amethyst Quartz or  Blush Jewel for a super pretty finish.

Next up: Now that you have the lowdown on how to add a pop of color to your makeup, why not take things a step further with a look featuring all the colors in the rainbow? Here’s How to Create a Rainbow Eyeshadow Look.

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