face makeup 7 Concealer Beauty Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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Concealer is one of the beauty basics that you probably can’t imagine your life without—and for good reason. Concealer is a makeup product that helps you hide a multitude of things that may bother you most about your skin, whether it’s those dark circles you’ve had since you were twelve or that blemish that popped up in the worst possible spot on the worst possible day. It’s typically concealer that comes to your rescue. Sure, you can cover up dark circles or skin discolorations, but concealer can do more than that. Concealers can help brighten up your complexion and help you achieve a beautifully smooth, flawless-looking finish. You can cover imperfections and give your face an instant boost with ease using not only our best concealers, but the best beauty tips and tricks that go along with one of your favorite face make-up products too.

1. Wake up a tired-looking complexion. You know that applying an eye concealer under your eyes can help brighten dark circles, but that’s not the only place where a highlighting concealer can help. One of the concealer beauty tricks and tips to remember is that concealer can be used in some unexpected ways and in some unexpected places too. Grab a highlighting concealer and dab some on the inner corners of your eyes and brow bone. Consider the Magic Lumi Highlighting Concealer, it is a light infusing concealer that provides an instant look of illuminating perfection. This unique, light-liquid concealer is more than just an under eye concealer. It highlights your complexion and boosts your skin’s look of radiance for a natural glow. “Don’t go too close to the waterline or you will look tired,” offers Dr. Rocio Rivera head of scientific communications for L'Oréal Paris. You can dab it on dark areas or shadows and along your cheek bones and brow line for a wide-awake effect.

2. Blur lines and under eye darkness. Fine lines are a tell-tale sign of aging skin—and one of the most common at that. The places where fine lines typically develop first are around your eyes, lips and across your forehead. Visible Lift Blur Concealer, is an easily blend-able formula that blurs the look of fine lines and diminishes the appearance of under eye circles. Now that’s a two-in-one solution.  This concealer does more than cover up, it delivers a smooth, youthful and flawless look.

3. Try a concealer set that can contour. Infallible Total Cover Concealing and Contour Kit is a pro-inspired cream palette that corrects, conceals and contours. The four pigment-rich creamy shades can be used on their own or combined to address a myriad of skin concerns including dark circles and blemishes. The different full coverage shades also allow you to add depth and dimension to your skin. You can perfect and define your face by using a concealer shade from your kit that’s two shades darker than your natural skin tone, swipe it along your cheekbones (plus anywhere else you’d like to contour — nose, jawline, forehead) and remember to blend and buff it all together with a lighter tone under your eyes and a natural tone across other areas of your skin.

4. Match skin tone…and texture. If you look around, you’ll notice that there are more than three skin tones and types out there. Light, medium and dark won’t always fit your individual skin needs—and they shouldn’t have to. This is part of the reason why it can be so hard to find the right, everyday concealer. Your skin tone is unique and needs a face makeup product that truly suits its shade. Concealer should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible so that it blends properly. And “the color varies depending on your concern,” notes Dr. Rivera, “but you should choose no more than 2 tones lighter than your own skin tone.” If you're using concealer that's too light, you can actually highlight and draw more attention to the skin issues you're trying to cover up, such as dark circles and blemishes. True Match Super Blendable Concealer, matches your  particular skin tone and texture while covering blemishes and other skin imperfections. This concealer formula evens out the look of uneven skin, and you are sure to find your perfect match with nine shades to choose from including fair-light, medium-cool, deep warm and everything in-between.

5. Target discoloration with color correcting concealers. Sometimes, the concealer that matches your skin tone, isn’t enough to cover that stubborn red blemish or dark spot. That’s where color correcting concealers come in. Infallible Total Cover Color Correcting Kit helps you target problem areas of redness, blemishes like blackheads and even dark circles. This easy-to-use color correcting palette features numbered shades and a coordinating visual guide to help you blend and blur your way to a smooth, flawless-looking complexion. The four creamy concealers work across all skin tones to help color correct and neutralize skin imperfections. For a quick cheat sheet, remember that peach can help disguise dark circles, yellow combats discoloration, green neutralizes redness and purple brightens dullness.

Here are some more color correcting beauty tips and tricks to keep in your back pocket: For dark circles, apply a peach shade using your ring finger to gently tap and smooth the cream over the area. To hide discoloration, use a yellow shade by dipping a cosmetic sponge into the color. Then gently tap and blend it over the area, using only a little bit at a time—adding as needed. If you want to neutralize redness, use a small concealer brush to blend a green shade directly over the area and gently feather the color out to the sides to blend. And, to brighten the look of dullness, apply a purple concealer with a makeup brush to areas you want to highlight and blend it in gently using your fingers.

6. Get some anti-aging benefits from your face makeup. Some skin imperfections you want to cover up can be associated with age. By using a concealer formulated with anti-aging benefits, you can help address some skin care concerns and cover them up at the same time. Additionally, some other formulas may not take common signs of skin aging into consideration, and actually end up accentuating them. Visible Serum Absolute Concealer is a lightweight formula that won’t set into fine lines, when face makeup sets in lines it can make them appear more noticeable. This anti-aging concealer leaves skin bright, smooth and hydrated. You could also try the Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer, for under eye darkness. multi-action concealer rolls away signs of fatigue and dark circles around the eye area to keep you looking more youthful and awake. All you have to do is gently roll the eye concealer under your eye and pat lightly until blended.

7. Cover imperfections of all shapes and sizes. Not all skin imperfections are created equal, your dark circles may require more concealer while that pimple on the tip of your nose just needs a targeted dot or two. The True Match Super-Blendable Concealer Crayon offers customizable coverage. The tip of the concealer crayon allows for precise application, while the side of the crayon can easily canvas a larger area of your skin. And unlike other concealer crayons out there, this innovative formula provides sheer to full coverage that easily blends, so you’re never left with a cakey-complexion. One of the key concealer beauty tips and tricks to remember is that the face makeup you use should look as natural as possible in color, consistency and texture. A common mistake made is thinking that concealer should be thick so that it can cover your skin better, while you should actually aim to maintain a natural, lightweight finish.

Remember, a little concealer can work wonders, but the danger in overdoing it is that you can actually call attention to the blemishes and lines you’re trying to cover. So, for a winning concealer look, keep it light and blend well, especially around under eye circles. “Concealer should always be applied with a grain of salt and always after having applied an eye cream,” shares Dr. Rivera. “The trick is to have a lot of hydration around the eye, so your skin is plumped when you smile or talk and this translates into the look of less lines.” Eye cream should be applied by tapping (not rubbing) and should go as an inverted C (from inner eye, to the eyebrow, avoiding the moving eyelid, as this area of your skin is very thin and the cream can migrate into the eye and make it watery). The concealer, on the other hand, should only be applied under the eye, starting from the inner of the eye to the middle of the eye, never put on the rest of the under eye area (where the eye ends), as this will only make the concealer set in to any expression lines. “This can make fine lines appear more noticeable—even if you don’t have them,” says Dr. Rivera.