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How to Get Mint Green Hair

Hair Color Trends

How to Get Mint Green Hair How to Get Mint Green Hair How to Get Mint Green Hair

Pastel hair colors are simply stunning—so it makes sense that they’ve been trending like crazy in the beauty world lately. Whether you sport an allover pastel shade, like soft pink or lavender, or you use multiple pastel hair colors to create unicorn hair, it’s safe to say that these light hues are nothing short of beautiful on their own or when paired together. And one of our favorite pastel shades just so happens to be mint green! Below, find out how to get a mint green hair color for a super-trendy beauty look.

Who Should Try Mint Green Hair?

There are a lot of shades within the green family, and mint green is one of the prettiest. But will it actually look good adorning your head? Allow your undertones to be your guide. Mint green is a cool color—and we mean that both literally and figuratively. Reminiscent of one of our favorite ice cream flavors (mint chocolate chip, FTW!), mint green is a cool shade that’ll flatter those with cool undertones most. Pairing a cool hair color with cool undertones can help brighten your overall appearance (pairing a warm hair color with warm undertones will do the same).

How can you tell if you have cool undertones, though? Well, it’s pretty easy actually! Just flip your wrists—if your veins appear blue, then you’re cool, whereas if you’re veins appear green, then you’re warm. If you want something just a tiny bit subtler than mint green hair, then consider seafoam green, which is similar but more subdued, thanks to the blue tones in this shade. (Here’s how to find The Best Green Hair Color for Your Skin Tone.)

What Should You Know Before Doing Mint Green Hair?

As with all pastel hair colors, mint green hair may take some time to achieve, depending on your starting shade. Dyeing your hair a mint green shade requires bleaching—and the darker the color you’re beginning with, the more sessions may be needed in order to achieve your desired mint green hair color. Keep in mind that if you’re going for an allover mint green hair color, then you’ll likely have to get regular root touchups once you’re roots start growing in. If you’re looking for a hair color that’s not quite as high maintenance, consider coloring just the ends of your hair for a pretty mint green ombré effect.

How Do You Get Mint Green Hair?

If you’re going the permanent hair color route, then you’ll have to bleach your hair first. You have the option of coloring your hair at home or hitting up the salon to have a pro colorist do it for you. Another option you can take is using a temporary hair color spray, like the L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray in Pastel Mint, which washes out in one shampoo. That way, you can take mint green hair for a test drive before making a more permanent commitment. Here’s how to use our temporary hair color spray in mint green:

Step 1: Shield your clothes. Take a towel and place it around your shoulders to protect your clothing before you start spraying on your mint green hair color.

Step 2: Shake the can. Before spritzing, make sure to shake your temporary hair color spray well.

Step 3: Spray, spray, spray! Hold the can 4-6 inches away from dry hair and spray on your mint green hair color. Don’t over-spray your hair, as this may cause your hair to feel dry. If allover mint green hair is your goal, you may need to use more than one can.

Step 4: Chill. Your mint green hair color will take a few minutes to completely dry, so be patient.

Ready to move on from mint green hair? We’ve got another tutorial just for you! For another trendy pastel hair color idea, check out our article, How to Get a Pretty Peach Hair at Home.