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L’Oréal Paris Colorista Review: Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Hair Makeup, and Hair Color Sprays

March 15, 2019

We’re all about staying up-to-date on the latest hair color trends—but constantly switching up your mane to try out every fun new hair color isn’t exactly feasible. Well, unless you have semi-permanent or wash out hair color at your disposal. The L’Oréal Paris Colorista line consists of three hair color products: two temporary ones that wash out with just one shampoo and a collection of vivid semi-permanent hair colors. Here, we’re reviewing all three for you! Read on to learn which Colorista hair color is right for you, whether that’s the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color, L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray, or the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup 1-Day Color.  


The L’Oréal Paris Colorista line started with just one product (in an array of pretty shades): a semi-permanent hair color with hues that work on everyone. While the line has since expanded, we’re still fans of the product that started it all. There are nine shades for blondes and six for brunettes—all seriously trendy colors that are perfect for embracing whichever hair color is en vogue at the moment. Each color lasts between four and eight shampoos, the perfect amount of time to try out a fun hair hue before you have the chance to get bored!

How to use it: Apply the color (or colors) of your choosing to the desired sections of hair. Wait 15-30 minutes, then rinse and style as usual. Be sure to also refer to the directions included with your product, following them to a T.


Next to hit the scene was the Colorista hair color spray. While semi-permanent hair color is meant to last for a few weeks, hair color sprays like this one remove all the commitment from dyeing your hair. You can spray your new hair color directly onto your mane, rock it for a day, then wash it out during your next shower—it’s that easy! The Colorista 1-Day Spray comes in 10 different shades including gold and pastel pink. Formulated for all hair types and colors, the spray is also super convenient thanks to the quick spray application. Basically, it lets you play with color in a whole new way—allowing you to spray, play, wash, repeat. Each shade is formulated to allow for vivid color on all hair types, no bleach required.

How to use it: Shake well before each use. Hold the can four to six inches from dry hair and spray. Wait a few minutes for color to dry completely. Tip: Don't spray too much at once! Color is more visible as it dries.


Colorista Hair Makeup may be the most recent addition to the line, but it’s made a mark already. With 13 colors to choose from, ranging from grey to neon yellow, this makeup-inspired hair color product has plenty of options for those who want to change their hair color for just a day (or night). Our thoughts? The gentle, ammonia-free leave-in formula makes coloring your mane a breeze with no bleach or gloves required. Our favorite thing about it is that you aren’t limited to the shades in the product range. You can get creative and customize your color by mixing multiple shades together. And yes, there are shades for dark hair, too! There’s no denying that this temporary hair color leaves your options wide open when it comes to switching up your beauty look.

How to use it: Want to try out this temporary hair makeup? Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothing. With your fingertips or a makeup brush, apply a dime-sized amount onto a thin, dry, strand of hair. Comb or brush hair to distribute the hair makeup, then style as desired.


Ready to update your tresses with a new hue? Consider one of the hair color trends below, each of which can be recreated with any of the Colorista hair color products.

Hair Color Trend #1: Pastel Pink

Pastels are majorly trending for 2019, and we can only imagine they’ll continue to increase in popularity as summer approaches. Our favorite? Pastel pink tresses! Choose a pastel pink hair color spray, hair makeup, or semi-permanent hair color and follow the directions to transform your mane. For more about the pastel trend, check out our article, The Best Pastel Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone.

Hair Color Trend #2: Eggplant hair

Purple hair has been a trend for quite a while now, but there’s a new variation that’s popped up over the past few months: eggplant hair. If you’re working with a darker base color, this is perfect for you! Color your locks a dark purple shade using temporary or semi-permanent hair color and start enjoying your new hue ASAP.

Hair Color Trend #3: Kaleidoscope Hair

Think you can’t get a head full of blended, pastel highlights at-home? Think again! The kaleidoscope hair color trend—where you make your hair look like an optical illusion—is totally doable with at-home hair color. Pick an array of colorful shades from the Colorista line and apply as desired. Learn more about this trendsetting ‘do in our article, How to Get Kaleidoscope Hair.

Speaking of hair color trends, it’s time to make sure you’re in the know about everything that’s in this year. Here are the 40 Top Hair Color Trends for 2019.

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