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What's the Deal with Clay Shampoo?

February 07, 2020

While you may be familiar with popular hair care products like purple shampoo, there’s one trending product you might not know about: clay shampoo. Clay shampoo has been starting to pick up steam as of late, and with clay face masks being all the rage, it really doesn’t come as a surprise. Of course, you may be wondering what clay shampoo is, exactly, and how it can benefit your oily hair. Well, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about this trending shampoo type. Ready for your latest beauty lesson? Here we go…


As you can probably guess, clay shampoo is, in fact, shampoo formulated with clay. According to the Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), clay minerals are used in hair care products due to their ability to absorb high levels of substances such as greases and toxins. In fact, this is why certain shampoo formulas containing clay are considered effective against dandruff.

Of course, not all clays are created equal. Getting more specific, bentonite, kaolin, and montmorillonite are most popularly used in hair care products. And as it turns out, all three of those clays can be found in our best clay shampoo! Oh, how rude—allow us to introduce you to the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo. This clay shampoo will leave you with purified roots and hydrated ends. It’s also suitable for use on color-treated hair. Like we mentioned, this rising hair care product has its benefits, speaking of which…


Like we mentioned, there are three types of clay that stand out in the hair care world, and we’re here to share the details on each one.

Clay #1. Kaolin. Per the MDPI, kaolin clay is among the most commonly used clays due to its highly absorbent nature. With its ability to absorb sweat and oils, it has a refreshing effect.

Clay #2. Bentonite. Another popular type of clay, bentonite, is widely used as a hair cleaner and softener, per the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Clay #3. Montmorillonite. Surprise! While montmorillonite is among the top clays used in hair care, according to the NCBI, it’s actually another name for bentonite clay and has the same benefits. Who knew?


While there aren’t rules saying who can and cannot use a clay shampoo, you may be wondering if switching to one is right for you. Because of their benefits, a clay shampoo is generally an amazing pick for those with oily or greasy hair. They can also be a great option for someone with an intense workout regimen or anyone who has a tendency to get sweaty.


Now that you’re familiar with clay shampoo and its benefits, perhaps you’d like to put one to use. Don’t worry, we promise it’s as easy as one, two—that’s it! Follow the steps below to learn how to use our L’Oréal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo as part of your hair care regimen.


Putting your clay shampoo to use requires the same steps as a traditional hair care routine, but we’ll walk you through it. First, hop in the shower and wet your mane. Then reach for your clay shampoo and pour a dollop of the formula into the palm of your hand. Massage the shampoo onto your strands, working it into a lather. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water before moving onto the next step.


Of course, every shampoo needs its perfect conditioner match. The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Conditioner is a must for finishing your clay shampoo routine. Formulated with three refined clays, the conditioner works with your shampoo to purify oily roots while hydrating dry ends. The result? Beautifully fresh and clean hair from root to tip! To put this conditioner to use, apply the conditioner from mid-length to ends. Let the formula work its magic for one to three minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Now, with clay shampoo covered, what should our next topic be? Perhaps you’d like to learn about other ingredients that can benefit your strands. Check out our article, Does Castor Oil Work for Hair Growth?, to do just that.

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