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The Benefits of Clay for Oily Hair

May 04, 2018

Sometimes, why does it feel like no matter what you do, your hair feels like an oil slick by the end of the day? It’s enough to frustrate even the calmest of individuals. Seriously, it’s super-annoying when you wash your strands in the morning, only to be left with oily roots by the time you hit the hay. Enter: clay. A popular ingredient in the skin care universe, clay is starting to pop up in hair care products, like shampoo and conditioner, as well these days. Curious? Keep reading to find out how clay works, plus tips for helping to keep your hair grease-free.


Clay face masks are always a popular skin care product for a variety of skin care concerns you might be dealing with. That’s because clay has a wide range of benefits including helping to lift dirt, oil, and impurities that have piled up on skin’s surface. And specific clays have different abilities.

When it comes to your hair, here’s what’s going on: Oil produced from your scalp can build up (much like oil from your skin can build up in your pores!), causing roots to look greasy—and even weighing your hair down. (Ugh, who wants that?!) Plus, if you keep washing your hair to try to combat this, you might actually strip your strands of much-needed moisture—and cause it to try to produce even more oil to make up for this. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s where clay comes in!


Want to try clay in your hair care routine? It’s possible now! Here are four products to check out if you’re interested in getting your clay on. When used in conjunction, these hair care products can help instantly purify oily roots and hydrate dry lengths without weighing hair down for beautifully fresh, flowing hair from root to tip. Our clay hair care collection is formulated with three refined clays and deeply absorbs oil at the root while rehydrating dry lengths.


Your first notion is probably to reach for shampoo in the shower, but if you have oily roots, consider using a pre-shampoo hair mask first. The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask should be used on dry hair before shampooing. Apply it on your roots section by section, making sure to fully cover your entire head. Leave the hair mask on for five minutes, then rinse while gently massaging your scalp to ensure all of the product is washed away.


Next up: shampoo! Once you’ve washed our pre-shampoo mask out of your hair, reach for the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo. Massage it into wet hair, lather, then rinse.


Don’t hop out of the shower without using conditioner. Our best clay conditioner is the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Conditioner. Even if you have oily roots, it’s important to condition to rehydrate your ends—just focus the conditioner from your mid-lengths to ends and leave it on for 1-3 minutes before rinsing out.


Dry shampoo can be a total lifesaver. Not time to shower after a workout, even if your strands are sopped in sweat? Dry shampoo it is! Want to extend the life of a blowout, even if your roots are starting to look a little shiny? Yep, dry shampoo again. To use the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo, hold the can 6-8 inches away from your hair and spray it directly on oily roots and lightly throughout the rest of your hair. Then, brush it through the lengths of your hair. Keep in mind that dry shampoo shouldn’t be used in place of your regular hair-washing routine.

Congrats: You officially know all there is to know about the benefits of clay for oily hair! For more tips for your hair type, here’s How to Help Make Your Hair Look Less Greasy.

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