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How to Do Hole Punch Nail Art at Home

November 26, 2019

There are few things we love more than a fun, new nail trend circulating our social media feeds. Bring on the inspo! One trend we’ve noticed making an appearance as of late? Hole punch nail art! In case you haven’t already heard, allow us to explain what hole punch nails are. This crafty look is exactly what it sounds like: long acrylic nails with a hole punched into the tip! Sounds cute, right? If you’re looking to experiment with a new mani, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t partial to hole punch nails. Even better, you can easily DIY the trend—bring on the girls’ night! Read on to learn how to do hole punch nail art at home. 

What you’ll need:

Acrylic nails

Nail file

Hole punch

Nail glue

Nail polish

Top coat

Get the look:


First thing’s first, you’ll want to pick out the right acrylics. For this nail trend, it’s important to get acrylic nails that are long enough so that when you punch a hole through the acrylic and lay it over your real nail, the hole doesn’t reveal any of the nail underneath. You should be able to see straight through the hole!

Another thing to keep in mind? Stocking up on extra nails. Chances are, the first time you hole punch your nails won’t be perfect, so make sure to have extras on-hand to give yourself room for error!


Take your time to determine the proper nail size for each finger. Like we mentioned, it’s a good idea to have more than one of each of the sizes that you need so you can make mistakes without dire consequences. After you’ve selected the proper nails, gently file the tips to smooth any sharp edges.


Now for the fun part—hole punching your acrylics! There are plenty of different shapes you can choose from, whether you prefer stars or hearts. The best part about this nail trend is that it’s totally customizable. Feel free to rock more than one shape or only hole punch your accent nails. It’s up to you!

When hole punching, punch the hole as close to the tip of the acrylic as possible, though not so close as to accidentally crack the acrylic. This is where practice will come in handy!


Now that your nails are prepped, it’s time to apply them. Apply nail glue to the base of each acrylic before pressing it onto your natural nail. Give time for the glue to dry before moving onto the next step.

Editor’s tip: Want to rock hole punch nails for a stand-alone occasion? For a temporary nail look, use sticky adhesive tabs to apply your nails instead of traditional nail glue. This will be easier to take off when the time comes! 


It’s time to bring out your nail polish! You know what to do—paint a few coats of a beautiful hue onto your acrylics. You can paint all of your nails a single color or opt to alternate shades. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also try a more intricate nail painting technique like water marbling.


You wouldn’t want your beautiful hole punch nail art to be spoiled prematurely, would you? Of course not! To avoid any unwanted chips, seal in your nail look by applying a top coat. 


That’s it! Not too hard, right? Now that you have a trendy manicure, it’s time to show them off to the world. Grab your phone and snap a quick pic for Instagram. We promise it’ll be a hit!  

Next up: Want to give another fun nail trend a try? We can’t get enough of jelly nails, and we’re sure you’ll be a fan, too! Head over to our article, Jelly Nails Are Our New Favorite Nail Trend, for the 4-1-1.

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