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Should You Do Hair or Makeup First?

July 08, 2020

We’ve covered our share of beauty debates—from whether showers are better than baths to if body oil is better than lotion. One debate we’ve yet to discuss? If you should do hair or makeup first. It’s safe to say this beauty argument has been around for decades, and if you’re curious about the proper order you should use to put together your beauty look, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out if you should prioritize your hair or makeup.


And the answer is—whichever you prefer! Yup, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the hair or makeup first debate. It all comes down to personal preference, the occasion, and a few other factors that play into which order may be a better option. That said, there are certain times you’ll want to do your hair before your makeup and vice versa. Speaking of…


As we mentioned, there are times you should opt to style your hair before applying makeup. Here are four worth noting!

Do your hair first…if you have oily skin. Those that are prone to having a bit of shine sneak up and ruin their makeup look should opt to style their strands first. This way, you can cleanse your face right before applying your makeup and have a freshly-applied face closer to the start of whatever is on your agenda.

Do your hair first…if it’s your wedding day. If you’re torn between getting your hair or makeup done first on your wedding day, we’ll make it easy for you: hair comes first! This way, if you break a sweat whilst your hairstylist is using their heat tools, you don’t have to worry about your makeup melting. Also, you don’t have to stress about layers of hairspray ending up on your makeup!

Do your hair first…if it’s the summer. During the hot summer season, your best bet will be to style your hair before doing your makeup. For the same reason, you may want to style your hair first for your wedding, hot tools plus hot weather is likely to lead to perspiration. So, do yourself and your makeup a favor and save your makeup products for last! (Need more help keeping makeup meltdown at bay? Use a waterproof foundation, like the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation.)

Do your hair first…if you need your style to set. Certain styles, like curling your hair with hot rollers, need to be set (aka, kept in place while the hair cools in order to maintain its curled shape). If you plan on setting your ‘do, consider it a multitasking hack to partially style your strands prior to doing your makeup. Then, do your makeup while you wait for your style to set!


Of course, there are times where makeup should be at the forefront of your regimen. Here are four to keep in mind!

Do your makeup first…if you’re partial to heat-free hairstyle. If you don’t plan to use hot tools to style your strands, consider applying your makeup first. Then, all that’s left to do is spritz on a wave spray or apply a hair mousse to style your strands sans heat. For quick heat-free hair, try the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse.

Do your makeup first…if you’re rocking second-day hair. If your hair is already styled from the night before, you’ll need minimal styling to touch up your mane. So, save the dry shampoo for the last step in your beauty routine.

Do your makeup first…if you’re worried about pinning your hair back. Scared of creases? While there are hair clips specifically made to avoid creases when pinning your hair back, we understand your concern. To put your mind at ease, opt to apply makeup before styling your strands, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting in the way.

Do your makeup first…if you’re pressed for time. On a tight schedule? Spend more time on your makeup. Then, look at the clock and see how much time you have left to determine how to style your strands. With just a few minutes left, you can opt for a quick yet polished hairstyle like a sleek, low bun that can be achieved in under five minutes.

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