sun care and self tanning The Secret Life of SPF

It’s no secret that daily use of an SPF will help protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer, but you might not know that wearing sunscreen has additional benefits, too. “Using sunscreen allows your skin to recover from previous injury caused by sun ex-posure,” explains Miami-based dermatologist Dr. Flor Mayoral. Other double-duty uses for sunscreen include applying other good-for-your-skin ingredients every day. Smart skincare products, such as Revitalift® Triple Power SPF 20, offer visible dark spot correction and sun protection in one. The ingredients help to di-minish the appearance of dark spots on the skin, while the broad spectrum SPF 20 helps fight future damage, as well as protect you from skin cancer.

Sunscreen is a Skin Savior

While there are some double-duty uses of sunscreen, let’s not forget the most important reason to use SPF every day—to help ward off skin cancer. It also helps keep your skin looking young as long as possible. “The biggest benefit to wearing SPF every day is that your skin will look younger than a person who has similar coloring and is the same age,” says Dr. Mayoral. In fact, clinical studies have proven that if you are diligent with your sunscreen habit, your skin will reward you by looking noticeably younger than those who don’t wear it. To further enhance the benefits of your SPF, Dr. Mayoral recommends practicing shade-seeking behavior, which means avoiding sun exposure during the hours of 10 – 4 PM and wearing sun protective clothing.