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sun care and self tanning 4 Skin Care Tricks to Help You Get Glowing Skin Without Self-Tanner

While self-tanning skin care products may offer a sure-fire way to get you the look of glowing skin fast, you may not always want to go that route. But, you may think that your radiant skin options are limited. Aside from tanning in the sun, how else can you get glowing skin without having to expose your complexion to damaging UV rays? Well, there is a skin care routine that can help encourage the look of a natural glow and radiant skin, sans self-tanning formulas and the sun. Incorporate these simple glowing skin care routine steps into your regular regimen to bust skin dullness and boost your skin’s radiance.

Glowing skin care trick #1: Wash your face with a cream cleanser. Some foaming or gel-based cleansers may dry out your skin. Dryness can block your skin’s natural glow potential, so try washing your face in the morning with a cream cleanser instead. These formulas can be more nourishing, leaving skin looking fresh, hydrated and ready for the next glowing skin care routine steps.

Glowing skin care trick #2: Exfoliate with a pre-soaked glycolic acid peel pad. Dead skin cells can pile up on the surface of your skin overtime. This buildup can contribute to the look of lackluster skin. Help reveal your skin’s natural glow by removing these dead skin cells with a gentle, chemical exfoliating method. Glycolic acid peel pads can dissolve away the dead, dull cells and overtime, can reveal bright and more radiant skin. Consider exfoliating two to three times a week to help maintain the look of fresh, radiant skin.

Glowing skin care trick #3: Moisturize and protect your skin. As mentioned before, when your skin is dry it will be less likely to appear nourished and radiant. Surge your skin with moisture so that it can appear glowing and hydrated. After cleansing and exfoliating, apply a hydrating serum, followed by your day cream.

Glowing skin care trick #4: Highlight with extra moisture. Further encourage the look of glowing skin by applying an extra layer of moisture to your cheekbones and other areas where you would regularly apply your bronzer. Consider dabbing facial oil or an extra layer of your face cream to these areas to really ramp up that look of radiant skin.

Remember, that to better maintain glowing skin, you should always keep it nourished and protected from the elements. Apply a moisturizer or beauty product that is formulated with SPF broad spectrum protection every day, so that you can shield your natural glow from the sun’s harmful rays.