skin care essentials Your 5, 15 and 30-Minute Nighttime Skin Care Routines

Your 5 15 And 30 Minute Nighttime Skin Care Routines Main BL

There will be nights when you can’t seem to get into bed fast enough and other evenings when you get to enjoy a little me-time before turning in for the night. While your mood and exhaustion levels may vary, you should always try to keep one thing constant: Your nighttime skin care routine – and yes, even if it’s a quick one. It can be a challenge to give your skin the attention it needs when your pillow is calling your name, but fitting in a few basic skin care steps can really be worthwhile. And to get even more out of this nighttime ritual, spend a few extra minutes on your skin when you can. Here, a step-by-step skin care routines for any night of the week, not matter how little or how much time you have:

The 5-Minute PM Skin Care Routine: These are the skin care routine basics to always make time for, even if you’re eyes are half open.

Skin care routine step #1: Remove your makeup & wash your face at the same time. One of the most important skin care steps to include in your nightly regimen is makeup removal. If you go to bed with your makeup on, your skin may breakout or appear dry and dull in the morning. So, get clean skin that is clear of makeup, daily dirt and oil by cleaning it with a multi-tasking skin care product: Micellar water. Micellar water can remove makeup, clean your skin of surface build up and hydrate it at the same time, making it the perfect cleansing choice for when you’re in a hurry to get to bed. Simply dampen a cotton pad with a few drops of micellar water and swipe across your skin in gentle circular motions. Requiring no extra time for rinsing or drying your skin, you’ll see the makeup and dirt transfer from your skin to the cotton pad.

Skin care routine step #2: Exfoliate. Yes, you can exfoliate your skin even if you are short on time. Two to three times a week, try to fit in a gentle exfoliation by using a glycolic acid peel pad to effectively dissolve away rough, dry dead skin cells on skin’s surface. These dead skin cells can pile up if not regularly sloughed off and can leave skin looking dull and uneven. Boost your radiant skin potential by exfoliating with a few swipes of a pre-soaked, texturized glycolic acid peel pad to dissolve away dead skin cell dullness. This step only needs to be done two to three times a week, so skip on those nights when you’re a little extra sleepy.

Skin care routine step #3: Apply a night cream with anti-aging benefits. After cleansing and exfoliating your skin replenish it with nourishing moisture and don’t worry it will only take a minute or two! Take care when applying your night cream using gentle upward motions. Consider trying a face cream that is formulated with anti-aging benefits so that your skin can receive extra attention while you rest.

15-Minute PM Skin Care Routine: Perfect for most nights, this 15-minute skin care routine will cover the basics and provide areas that show early signs of skin aging a little extra attention.

Skin care routine step #1: Start by removing your makeup. Think of removing your makeup as a pre-step to cleansing when you have the time. You can use a facial wipe, micellar water or skin toner to remove your makeup and some surface dirt and oil so that you can get one step closer to clean skin before bed.

Skin care routine step #2: Wash your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type. After removing your makeup, ensure that your skin is fresh and ready for bed by washing your face with a foaming or gel based cleanser if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, consider trying a nourishing cream cleanser for your nighttime face washing step.

Skin care routine step #3: Exfoliate if you haven’t hit your third time this week yet. If you haven’t been able to fit in a quick exfoliation yet this week, remove rough, dead skin cells that can pile up on skin’s surface and make it appear dull and flaky by using either a glycolic acid peel pad or facial scrub.

Skin care routine step #4: Apply a serum. Replenish your freshly cleansed skin with a lightweight layer of moisture first, before applying your night cream. Serums are typically formulated with highly concentrated ingredients, so they can provide your skin with f what it needs most right now, whether that be extra moisture or anti-aging benefits.

Skin care routine step #5: Apply eye cream. The skin around your eyes tends to become dry and show signs of skin aging early on. So, gently dab eye cream to the corners of your eye and underneath them too. Eye creams are specifically formulated to nourish this dry area of the skin to help keep crow’s feet and fine lines at bay.

Skin care routine step #6: Apply a night cream formulated for your skin’s needs. Choose a night cream that is formulated to moisturize your skin and address your top concerns. Your skin’s recuperating abilities are higher while you sleep, so take advantage of this and apply a moisturizer that can give your skin what it wants.

30 Minute PM Skin Care Routine: Indulge your skin on the nights when you have ample time to pamper yourself with skin care treatments and techniques.

Skin care routine step #1: Remove your makeup before cleansing. As mentioned before, on the nights when you’re not in a hurry you can think of removing your makeup and cleansing your skin as two separate steps. Consider your skin type and how much makeup you wore that day to choose the right makeup removal for your skin’s current needs.

Skin care routine step #2:Wash your face with a cleanser that matches your skin type. After your makeup has been removed, cleanse your skin with the cleanser that matches your skin needs, if your skin is dry opt for a rich, creamy cleanser and if your skin is oily, opt for a foaming or gel-based formula.

Skin care routine step #3: Take some time to refine rough, dead surface cells. Again, if you haven’t already exfoliated enough this week, take advantage of the extra time you have tonight and exfoliate by using a glycolic acid peel pad, texturized facial scrub or mask.

Skin care routine step #4: Treat your skin to a face mask. You have the time so pamper yourself with a hydrating, detoxifying, purifying or mattifying face mask depending upon your skin’s particular needs. Typically you will let your face mask rest for about ten to fifteen minutes before removing it with lukewarm, tepid water.

Skin care routine step #5: Apply a serum. Layer your moisturizing efforts by first applying a hydrating serum to your skin before your other nighttime skin care products.

Skin care routine step #6: Relax and apply a cold eye compress. Take five minutes to unwind and tend to your skin’s needs by applying a cold compress to your eye area. You can use a chilled eye mask, cucumber slices or refrigerated tea bags to encourage the de-puffing effects.

Skin care routine step #7:Apply eye cream. After your cold compress, gently dab on some eye cream to this area to nourish dry, tired skin around your eyes.

Skin care routine step #8: Apply your face cream with facial massage techniques. Pamper yourself further by applying your night cream using facial massage techniques, you have the time, so use it wisely to indulge your skin.

No matter how much time you have to spend on your skin at night, be sure to squeeze in the basics and every night and spend the extra time when you have it to relax, unwind and encourage beautiful skin.