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The Icy Skin Care Secret You Didn’t Know You Needed

September 25, 2020

It seems that every day brings a new skin care treatment. Thankfully, we’re here to keep you up to speed. A prime example that we think you should know is the ice roller for face beauty trend. The idea may seem like the ultimate no-no, but the ice-on-face craze has purported benefits that can elevate your skin care game.

And like many trends, there are plenty of ways you can give icing your face a try. Plus, they’re already plenty of posts on TikTok that show beauty lovers adding ice globes and other tools into their skin care routines. So, if you’re ready to bring on the chill factor, we’ve got you covered. Follow along as we give you the scoop on icing your face, including how to add the trend to your beauty regimen.


As the name suggests, skin-icing consists of applying ice to your face. It’s in the family of cold therapies (a.k.a cryotherapy) that are composed of treatments using extremely cold temperatures, according to the Cleveland Clinic. On the beauty front, skin care lovers may choose to wrap ice in a cloth and apply it to the face. But lately, the ice roller for face and ice globes have become a hot commodity. No matter which method you choose, the idea is to improve the overall look and feel of your skin.


While there is little to no research on the benefits of skin-icing, there are plenty of anecdotal claims that support the icy craze. Ice on the face is believed to reduce oiliness, ease acne, soothe sunburn, and give the skin a healthy glow. It’s been said to tighten skin pores, soften your lips, and help address dark spots. Believers also claim that icing your face can reduce swelling and inflammation. One thing we know for sure is that the Mayo Clinic confirms you can reduce the look of puffy eyes and under-eye bags with a cool compress.


Although icing your face is on-trend, that doesn’t mean you should excessively apply ice on your face. It’s standard practice to avoid icing your face for more than 15 minutes. Doing so can cause adverse effects on your skin (more on that in a moment). Talk about the last thing you want!


If you’re down to try the ice-on-face trend, you need to know what happens if you put ice directly on your face. Leaving ice directly on your skin for long periods of time can lead to frostbite, according to the Mayo Clinic. In turn, this can damage your skin and cause itching, burning, and swelling. Play it safe and wrap a washcloth around the ice before touching it to your face. There are also other methods you can use to give your skin the same icy effect without causing harm. Speaking of which…


Now that you’re more well-versed on the topic of icing your face, it’s time to put your knowledge to use. There are plenty of ways to experience the feeling of a chilly face. Here are four methods to consider if you want to explore the wonders of icing your face.

1. Ice roller. Ice rollers have become must-have skin care tools. These devices work as face massagers that add the skin-icing element into the mix. All you have to do is place an ice roller in your freezer for an hour or two. Once you’re ready to use it, simply roll the gadget over your face, neck, and chest. You’ll be able to reap all of the benefits without the mess!

2. Jade roller. If you’re obsessed with skin care tools, you’re likely familiar with jade rollers. Jade rollers are handheld facial tools that are made out of pink quartz stones. Not only do they address anti-aging concerns, but they also serve as a fabulous way to bring the icing your face trend to life. Place a jade roller in the fridge for a few hours to achieve a cool effect. Once you’re all set, grab the tool and start rolling your face in upward motions. Learn more by checking out our article, Do Jade Rollers Work?.

3. Ice globes. For those who make it a habit to browse through their social media feeds daily, you may have seen beauty lovers massaging their faces with globe-shaped tools. Similar to ice rollers, ice globes are believed to provide skin with various benefits. Simply place the tool in the fridge for a couple of hours before using it, then massage it over your face.

4. Submerge your face. For occasions when you don’t have an ice roller or jade roller handy, go back to the basics and dip your face into a bowl of ice water. While this technique may have a bit of discomfort, your skin will get accustomed to the temperature change over time. Dunk in and out of a bowl for 15-20 seconds.

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