skin care essentials 4 No Makeup Look Mishaps and Skin Care Tips to Help You Avoid Them

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Whether you think that your skin could use a break from your typical day-to-day makeup application or you simply don’t have the time to apply a full face of makeup, spending a day with no makeup and a fresh face can be freeing and rewarding. That is, when it is done right. You know that makeup can help your skin look more even, bright and clear, so you might think that you can’t have beautiful skin without it. But, you can have beautiful skin without makeup, you just may have to look to other ways to give your fresh face a beauty boost. And, you can do so by using the right skin care products at the start of your day, so that you have a no-makeup look that stuns from morning until night.  Here, common mishaps of the no-makeup look and tips for how to avoid them.

No-makeup mishap #1: Your skin looks tired and uneven.
Foundation and concealer can minimize the look of dark circles and an uneven skin tone, but you can also wake up the appearance of your beautiful skin and help it look bright and smooth by applying a refining clay mask after cleansing – no makeup required. Consider applying the Pure Clay Mask + Red Algae. This formula blend of three mineral clays, natural volcanic red algae and apricot seed powder will help gently exfoliate and refine your skin’s surface so that it looks more even and smooth. After you’ve waited for five to ten minutes create a lather with warm water and rinse the mask away.

No-makeup mishap #2: Your skin looks dull.
You may think that your skin looks dull or lackluster without your bronzer or blush. To get a natural dewy complexion that glows all your skin really needs is moisture. Try applying a serum to your fresh face after cleansing and then apply your daytime moisturizer. Consider using a moisturizer formulated with skin-renewing LHA that will help reveal younger looking skin, so that skin is less likely to look dull. Finally, for skin that really glows and maintains hydration throughout the day, consider sealing in the added moisture from your serum and cream with a facial oil like Age Perfect® Cell Renewal* Facial Oil Light, which is ultralight and refreshes and renews your skin’s surface layer.

No-makeup mishap #3: Your complexion is shiny.
Consider applying a skin smoother after moisturizing instead of your pressed powder. Pressed powder can help keep shine at bay, but so can RevitaLift® Miracle Blur. It is not makeup, but helps mattify shine and minimizes the look of lines, wrinkles and pores too. You can use the skin smoothing formula all over your face or just apply it to areas that can tend to become extra shiny, like your t-zone.

Enjoy a day with no makeup, and feel confident in your beautiful skin by simply taking a little time to prep your fresh face with the right skin care products that’ll help you avoid these common no-makeup mishaps. And remember, even if you don’t wear makeup, you should wear sunscreen or a daytime moisturizer with SPF broad spectrum protection so that your skin stays protected from harmful UV rays.