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skin care concerns Why Do You Have Very Dry Skin?

Very dry skin may not only look flaky and parched, but sometimes can be uncomfortable too. The key to successfully hydrating very dry skin skin starts with identifying why you might experience dryness in the first place. Skin experts, Vanessa Hernandez, L'Oréal brand ambassador and aesthetician and Dr. Flor A. Mayoral, board-certified dermatologist of Coral Gables, Florida offer some explanations as to what can cause very dry skin and provide a few helpful tips

Common causes of very dry skin: Dryness can be a result of one thing or have many causes:

Dryness could be in your genes. “Dry skin may be hereditary,” mentions Dr. Mayoral. Just like with your skin tone, dryness can be inherited.
Weather conditions can worsen very dry skin. “Extreme weather – if it’s too hot or too cold – can contribute to very dry skin,” says Dr. Mayoral. “A lot of it is environmental, the wind, the cold, snow and rain can dehydrate your skin,” says Hernandez.
Harsh products can cause very dry skin. Soaps and detergents with certain ingredients can dry the skin and cause allergic-like reactions in some people. If very dry skin is new for you and you recently switched up soaps, the new product could be the cause.

Helpful tips to improve dryness: Here’s how to keep very dry skin as comfortable and hydrated as possible:

Exfoliate: “Dry skin builds up on top of dry skin, so it’s about taking cells off,” says Hernandez. Consult your dermatologist on how often you should exfoliate and consider chemical exfoliation methods, which can be gentler on very dry skin compared to mechanical methods.
Cleanse: “Choose a cream or oil-based cleanser instead of gel-based or foaming options,” suggests Hernandez. “Use tepid instead of hot water while cleansing or showering,” says Dr. Mayoral.
Moisturize: “It’s all about layering, layering your clothes layer your skin care,” notes Hernandez. “Use a serum and then a moisturizer. Serums are structured to penetrate deeply into your skin and then the cream seals it all in,” says Hernandez. “Moisturize the skin immediately after showering, while your skin is still damp. It will help trap the water on the surface of the skin and keep the skin hydrated,” says Dr. Mayoral.