skin care concerns Your Guide to Taking Care of Very Dry Skin

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There’s endless advice out there for dry skin types, but what if your skin is a step beyond that? Very dry skin requires extra attention, and that’s what we want to help you provide. Take your skin care routine to the next level by following these tips for caring for your extra dry skin.

1. Revamp Your Shower Routine

Did you know that taking steamy showers and baths could actually make your skin feel drier? Yep, it’s true. Those oh-so-satisfying, super-hot showers are actually capable of stripping your skin of moisture, leaving you feeling drier. Don’t worry: This doesn’t mean you have to bathe in freezing H2O—just switch to showering in lukewarm water instead. And if you’re a fan of spending a lot of time in the shower, think about scaling back. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s best to keep your time in the tub short. So, try limiting showers and baths to about 10 minutes. Your skin will thank you!

2. Don’t Over-Cleanse Your Skin

Pop quiz: How often do you really need to wash your face? According to the AAD, you should only cleanse twice a day and after a sweat session. If you have very dry skin, it’s important to look for a gentle cleanser. Consider using a micellar water, like the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin, which hydrates and soothes. Micellar water is powered by tiny micelles—oil molecules—that act as a magnet to lift dirt, oil, and makeup up and away from the skin. Using micellar water is simple. Just take a cotton pad, pour some of the cleanser onto it, and wipe the pad across your face. There’s no rinsing—and no harsh rubbing—required. Since you don’t have to be near a sink to use micellar water, it’s a great cleansing option when you’re traveling or headed to the gym. Just toss once in your bag and cleanse on the go.

3. Pick the Right Moisturizer

A lightweight lotion might be the perfect pick for oily skin, but not so much when you’re extremely dry. Instead, look for a moisturizer that’s formulated for very dry skin. Extra dry skin has a very fragile moisture barrier that can be easily damaged by external factors such as pollution and UV rays. Skin consequently loses its ability to retain moisture, becoming easily dehydrated, feeling tight and uncomfortable. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water, the L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care for Extra Dry Skin is a water-based moisturizer that provides long-lasting hydration and envelops skin with moisture, providing comfort. Smooth it on over your face and neck after cleansing.

4. Moisturize the Right Way

If you have very dry skin, then you’re probably already well aware that moisturizing should be a must in your skin care routine—but there’s always room for improvement. Believe it or not, there actually is a correct time to hydrate your skin. According to the AAD, you should apply your moisturizer to damp skin to help lock in hydration. Once you’re done cleansing, don’t reach for your towel. Instead, apply your moisturizer right away (and then pat dry).

5. Be Aware of Your Environment

Taking care of very dry skin isn’t entirely about the skin care products you use—your surroundings can come into play, too. Spending time in dry air-conditioned or heated air can cause your skin to feel drier. What can you do? According to the AAD, using a humidifier can be good for very dry skin, as it helps add much-needed moisture back into the air. Consider placing one in your bedroom as well as a portable one in your office to use when needed.

You’re officially a pro when it comes to taking care of very dry skin! But there’s still more to learn. Next up, check out our article, Your Ultimate Guide to Skin Hydration, for moisturizing tips.