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anti aging Try An Antioxidant Infused Skin Care Routine with Goji Berry

Many things—like stress, what you eat and your age—can take a toll on the look of your skin. But that’s not all, your daily environment can also impact your skin’s natural integrity. Environmental stressors including the sun, air pollution and other free radical agents that your skin encounters on a daily basis can contribute to the development of skin care concerns like visible dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and even sagging skin.

Antioxidants can help to defend skin’s surface from free radicals and minimize the signs of premature skin aging, says Skincare.com. There are many skin care products formulated with antioxidants that can help your skin Cleanse, exfoliate and perhaps most importantly moisturize with products formulated with antioxidants to help keep these somewhat unavoidable skin assailants at bay. Not sure where to start? Here’s one antioxidant to look out for:

Goji berry, or Lycium barbarum, is derived from the goji fruit and is native to the subtropical regions of China along the Himalayans. Goji berry has a reputation for being what is termed a “superfood” because of all of the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are contained within it. Topping your yogurt with this tasty berry can provide your body and your skin a bit of a boost, but so can skin care products that are formulated with the super fruit. The vitamin and mineral-packed berry can provide your skin with antioxidant and anti-aging benefits when used topically regularly and over time.

Goji berry extract’s vitamins have shown antioxidant abilities and diminished oxidative stress effects on skin – making it the perfect component of day cream that is also formulated with SPF broad spectrum protection.

To ensure your skin is protected from the elements, wash your face in the morning and at night. Daily dirt and grime can stick to your skin and mix with your makeup – and if left to set in overnight, will only be more likely to damage the look of your skin. Moisturize after cleansing with skin care products formulated with antioxidants including a serum, day and night cream. Don’t let the elements wear down your skin’s natural beauty, let all of its potential shine through while helping to defend it against oxidative and environmental stressors.