anti aging The Aging Question: Why Is Your Skin Looking Older


Aging skin looks different on everyone. But the most effective ways to treat aging skin are universal. Learn more about the new skincare ingredients and preventative tips that will help turn back the clock.

Aging and Your Skin: All Wrinkles are Not Created Equal

While aging is a fact of life, the way women look as they age is hardly universal. Some of us develop deep wrinkles and creases, while others suffer from age spots or skin volume loss. How we age depends a lot on skin tone, past environmental damage, lifestyle factors and genetics. Stress also plays an important role in the aging process. The stress hormone cortisol can accelerate the aging process by causing the skin to thin and diminishes its ability to retain moisture. Studies show that women who have gone through extremely stressful periods in their lives look much older than their less-stressed counterparts. Most of us are not aware of how our skin is going to age until it’s staring us straight in the face.

Anti-Aging Skincare for The Wellness Generation

We are lucky to be living in a culture of total wellness. It’s easier than ever to make healthy choices everyday, thanks to the growing popularity and availability of green juices, stadium cycling and power yoga classes. Healthy living means that it’s possible to feel youthful well into our golden years. However, our skin still hasn’t gotten the memo. Our faces start to show the signs of aging long before we start to feel old. Even more frustrating is that regular exercise may actually be contributing to the wrinkles on our face. Less fat on the body means less volume on the face. Turns out that old saying about choosing between your face and your body has some truth to it. But thanks to modern technology, a new generation of topical skincare ingredients are revolutionizing the wrinkle cream market and leveling the playing field between how you feel and the way you look.

Next Generation Anti-Aging Skincare: Treating the Full Picture

Are you using the right anti-aging products? If so, antioxidants and a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 are already in your rotation. While each unique skin type requires a different anti-aging plan of action, those skincare products are staples of any well-informed beauty connoisseur and will do well to treat fine lines and wrinkles. However, your anti-aging skincare routine is not giving you a holistic approach unless it also consists of ingredients to address skin volume loss, which is also a contributor to skin aging. Feeding your skin with volume-plumping ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and Fibroxyl, will help replenish your skin’s fullness. Skincare that delivers the skin you deserve, regardless of how many candles are on your next birthday cake.