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8 Cute Makeup Sponge Holder Ideas

June 05, 2020

Let’s be honest, organizing your makeup products and brushes may not be the most fun part of your makeup routine, but having everything in an orderly place makes achieving a flawless makeup look that much easier. We'd say it's well worth it! Aside from keeping everything neat and tidy, there are certain makeup must-haves that happen to look super cute when styled on your vanity—that is, so long as you implement the right makeup storage ideas. One item that comes to mind? Makeup sponges! It’s safe to say most of us have these tried-and-true makeup applicators in our collection, and why store them away when you can put them on display in a cute way that leaves them ready-to-grab when you’re doing your makeup?

Need some inspiration? There’s no need to head to Pinterest—below, find eight cute makeup sponge holder ideas!


If you want an easy and foolproof makeup sponge holder, look no further. This may seem like an obvious option, but it’s one worth mentioning. In case you weren’t aware, there are tons of super cute stands made specifically for holding your makeup sponges! One quick Google search and you’ll be sure to stumble upon one that fits your decor.


Consider yourself a beach gal? Embrace your love for all things sand and sun by using a few seashells to store your makeup sponges. Seriously! You can either head to the shore and scope out some promising shells or grab a bag at your local craft store. Then, lay them out, so the underside is facing upward and place your makeup sponge inside—one shell per sponge. Cute, right?


Just because it isn’t Easter doesn’t mean you have to pass up on this crafty makeup sponge holder idea! Simply pop open a plastic Easter egg and place the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender inside for safekeeping. Feel free to decorate the outside with markers or rhinestones! Might we add, this is a great surprise for your next Easter egg hunt.


Speaking of eggs, anything meant to hold an egg will be pretty much the perfect size to hold most makeup sponges. That’s why an egg cup can be another great option. If you aren’t familiar, an egg cup is literally a small cup for a single egg! While not everyone uses these egg holders for their breakfast, you can likely find a super cute, vintage one in an antique store or charity shop. Give it a good clean, and it’ll be good to go!


You can’t go wrong with storing your makeup sponges in a standard clear acrylic organizer. While this storage method may not be new, it still looks super trendy! Look for one that has an oblong, oval shape so you can fit a few sponges inside.


Speaking of oblong storage options, why not use mason jars to hold your makeup sponges? Not only do mason jars pass the cute test, but they’re also super practical. Get two and label one ‘clean’ and the other ‘dirty’ so you can keep track of when you need to clean your makeup sponges!


Want to get creative? You don’t need a green thumb to give this makeup sponge holder idea a try! Simply head to the store and grab a small flower pot—look for one that would hold a single succulent—and use it to display your makeup sponge front and center! Have more than one sponge you want to store? Get a bigger flower pot that can fit as many makeup blenders as your heart desires.


Last but not least, perhaps you’d like to put some extra drinkware to use! Embrace your inner sorority girl by decorating a wine glass to use as your makeup sponge holder. You can personalize it with ribbon, paint, jewels—whatever you choose. Only want to have one makeup blender on display? Not a problem. A shot glass makes the perfect holder for a single makeup sponge! Who knew? If you want to forgo the alcoholic beverage drinkware, a clear coffee cup is just as fitting. Get creative and have fun with it!

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