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6 Editors Tested the Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick On The Coldest Winter Day — Here’s How It Held Up

Chapped lips have nothing on this nourishing lip color.
February 28, 2022


When you think of ways to get through the cold weather, perhaps hot cocoa, a cozy fireplace and an intoxicating candle come to mind. But for beauty lovers like ourselves, hydrating and comforting beauty products are where our minds go. 

So, when the frigid temperatures hit this season, we traded in our matte lipsticks for the new L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick with Pomegranate Extract 一 a nourishing lipstick with balm that promises to deliver color, comfort and shine. 

The Formula

In addition to containing pomegranate extract and other nourishing plant-based oils, this hybrid formula combines the best features of your favorite go to lip products. It provides the lips with the comfort of a lip balm, the rich pigmentation of a classic lipstick, and the lustrous shine of a lip gloss

With just one swipe, the lightweight formula melts onto the lips, creating a glassy finish that doesn’t slip or slide around. As you wear it throughout the day it naturally fades, leaving behind a hint of pigment and soothed lips. 


The Shade Range

With 10 buildable shades in the range, you’re bound to find at least one that suits your preferences. From nude shades with undertones in the beige, rose and coral families to vibrant pink hues and rich berries, this lineup won’t leave your lips looking lackluster. With just one swipe, they provide sheer to medium opacity, but add a few more passes against your lips and you’ll be set with full pigment.  


The Reviews 

Six of our beauty editors put Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick with Pomegranate Extract to the test on a freezing winter day, and ahead, they’re sharing why it’s a cold weather go-to.  


Alyssa, Assistant Editor

Nude Heaven

Flaky lips have been a consistent issue for me during the winter, so I’ve been trading in my matte lipstick formulas in favor of more caring lip balms and lip oils. I recently wore this one while out and about on a day of errands in freezing NYC, and I loved how comfortable it felt on my lips. When I swiped it on and added a few layers, it felt hydrating without looking or feeling goopy or thick, and I loved the rosy nude color it coated my lips in. 


Kat, Social Media Editor

Ecstatic Mulberry 

Recently, I’ve found that my lips have been extremely dry and chapped due to the cool winter weather. While some of my other lipsticks emphasized the dry patches, I really feel like this has given my lips the hydration they’ve been lacking. It glided onto my lips smoothly and left me with a soft, kissable pout that lasted throughout the day! Not to mention, I find that this shade looks absolutely stunning on my skin tone.


Caitlyn, Assistant Editor

Pastel Exaltation

If I had to describe this balmy lipstick in one word, it would be smooth. In one swipe, the creamy lipstick glides onto my lips with ease and leaves behind a gorgeous, peachy pop of color. I like to keep it on my desk for when I need a wash of pigment before a video call, but I’ve also found that it’s great for moments when I’m feeling a little chapped, too. If you’re looking for a lip product that offers color payoff and a boost of hydration, I can’t recommend this one enough. 


Ariel, Associate Editor

Cherry Wonderland 

My lips are the driest they’ve been since, well, last winter, so I’ve been stocking up on lip balms that add hydration. This one fits the bill perfectly. It glides on with a soft, silky consistency that feels like butter on the lips, and is surprisingly pigmented. The coral-y color punches up my pale winter complexion and complements the warm-toned blushes I love to wear. 


Sarah D, Junior Designer

Luminous Coral  

The winter months are always the time when I have to amp up my lip balm usage due to how dry my lips get. Because of this, I usually just stick to just lip balm. But I’ve found that this balm-in-lipstick is so moisturizing and it stays on for a surprisingly long time, thus eliminating my need to constantly reapply. I like the Luminous Coral shade because it looks nude on me, and has a shine that I love. I can totally see myself pairing this lipstick with a dark brown lip liner next time.

Mary, Associate Editor 

Blush Fantasy 

This winter has wreaked utter havoc on my lips — it feels like every other day I have another dry, crackly flare up that makes it near impossible to comfortably wear any lipstick. I thought I’d have to stick to using petroleum jelly for relief until spring, but this lipstick-balm hybrid has been my surprising savior. The nourishing formula melts into my lips making them feel soft for hours. I’m obsessed with the shade Blush Fantasy, a pinky-nude that breathes warmth into my complexion.

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Written by: Alyssa Kaplan, Photo Credit: Sarah Duviver, Mary Honkus, Katlyn Pierre 

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