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Our Best Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palette

August 29, 2019

While we love warm-toned eye shadow hues for spring and summer, the cooler seasons of the year call for cool toned eye shadow shades to match. Of course, finding an array of cool-toned eye shadows can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for shades that work well together. That’s why we’re sharing our best cool-toned eyeshadow palette with you—so you can easily put together some stunning cool eye makeup looks just in time for fall and winter. Ready to upgrade your makeup with the seasons? First, we’ll tell you all about our best cool-toned eyeshadow palette. Then, we’ll share three of our favorite cool eye shadow looks you can create with the palette. Sound like a plan? Let’s get to it!


Introducing our best cool-toned eyeshadow palette: the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude in Nude Intense. Featuring 10 highly-pigmented shades that range from light to dark, there’s something to flatter every skin tone. Not to mention the wide range of shadow finishes from shimmery satin to buttery matte to lustrous sheen. Basically—this palette has everything you need to create a number of beautiful cool-toned eye shadow looks. Don’t believe us? Here’s a breakdown on the shades included from left to right.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #1: Everyone needs a basic nude shade, and this is it. Whether you choose to swipe it on your crease or opt to use it as a transition shade is up to you.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #2: A rich medium brown shade, this eye shadow is perfect for subtly defining your crease.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #3: For even more subtle definition, turn to this shade. A slightly lighter brown than Shade #2, it’ll do just the trick.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #4: This rich espresso brown shade is a must for any collection. Apply it to the outer “V” of your crease for a dramatic brown smokey eye.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #5: A gray-brown hue, this color can be used to define your crease or even line your eyes for a sultry, smoky effect.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #6: Who doesn’t love a rich chocolate brown? We vote this shade a must in any makeup lovers collection.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #7: This hue is similar to Shade #2, though slightly deeper in tone.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #8: A tad darker than Shade #1, this medium nude shade is perfect for your lid.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #9: Another color that’s perfect for your crease, this shade is a bit darker than Shade #7.

Cool Eye Shadow Shade #10: Last but not least, this beautiful dark brown shade has violet undertones that look stunning on the eye. Use it as an eyeliner or to define the outer “V” of your crease.


Ready to put your cool-toned eyeshadow palette to use? Here are three looks to try.


Sometimes a natural eye is the way to go, and that’s exactly what this sheer smoky eye is! An everyday take on the smoky eye, it’s perfect for work or class. All you need is a hue that’s one to two shades darker than your skin tone (which this palette has the perfect range of options for) to color your lid. Follow the steps in our article, How to Create a Sheer Smoky Eye, to create your cool-toned sheer smoky eye.


A cut crease is a super modern eye shadow look that can easily be achieved using this cool-toned eyeshadow palette (try Shade #6 or #7 in your crease and Shade #1 on your lid). Feeling a little out of sorts when it comes to how to achieve this trendy eye makeup look? Here’s an easy tutorial on How to Create a Cut Crease.


A brown smokey eye, like we mentioned earlier, is a classic eye makeup look fit for nearly any occasion. To get the look with your cool eyeshadow palette, first color your lid with Shade #3. Then, apply Shade #1 to your inner corner and beneath your brow bone. Make things smoky by popping Shade #7 into your crease and along your lower lash line, then deepen the look by applying Shade #10 to the outer “V” of your crease. Finish the look with your sharpest wing and a few coats of mascara!

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