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Colour Rays Application Instructions

April 26, 2016

Choose a Look

Check out Highlighting Looks article for inspiration and ideas.

Before You Color

• Do a skin allergy test by cleansing a quarter sized area of skin in the bend of your elbow. Using a plastic utensil, mix a small amount of the formula and apply a small portion of it to your skin.

• Do not wash test area for 48 hours to see if reaction occurs. If there is any irritation, call a doctor before coloring your hair.

• Do a strand test by applying color to a small section of hair before covering your whole head. This will give you an idea of how long to keep the color mixture on in order to achieve your desired results and gives you a nice preview of what your hair will look like.


Step 1

Put gloves on. With the pointed end of the highlighting wand, thoroughly mix Highlighting Powder (#1) and all Creme Developer (#2) in the tube.

Step 2

Open Highlighting Creme (#3) tube by removing cap, inverting it, and piercing opening completely with the point provided on the other end of cap. Do not point either end of tube toward face while opening or using.

Step 3

Add entire contents of Highlighting Creme (#3) tube to the mixture and stir thoroughly with the pointed end of the highlighting wand.

Step 4

Use immediately and do not save any unused mixture. Thoroughly clean off pointed end of highlighting wand.


Do not squeeze or put pressure on tube until you have pierced the tube opening completely. Use care in working with tube contents. Contact between contents and eyes may cause blindness.


Step 1

Be sure your hair is dry and detangled. Use the pointed end of the highlighting wand to lift up and separate the strand of hair you want to highlight. Keep strand up.

Step 2

Dip brush end of the highlighting wand into mixture and pick up generous amount of product.

Step 3

To apply, roll highlighting wand through strand all along its length without leaving excess product at root. Thoroughly saturate from root to tip.

Step 4

Re-dip if necessary to finish end of strand. Use enough product, making sure that the mixture is visible on strand.

Step 5

Lay the strand back on your head; the product will not spread.

Step 6

Move to the next strand, alternating from side to side of the head as you work all the way around. Do not save any unused mixture.


If You Are Using Blonde Blow Out

During lightening, hair goes through various stages until it reaches the ideal shade. Lightening time varies depending on your natural haircolor.

Natural Color Approximate Timing

Blonde 20 – 50 Minutes

Light Brown 20 – 50 Minutes

Medium Brown 40 – 50 Minutes

Dark Brown – 50 Minutes

To preview lightening, wait 20 minutes and pick a strand of hair that you colored. Wipe off product with damp paper towel. If hair has reached desired lightness, proceed to the Rinse & Condition step. Otherwise, reapply mixture and preview again every 10 minutes, no more than 3 times. Use a different strand every time you test.

If You Are Using Fuchsia Flash

Leave on hair for 30 minutes (from the time you finished applying).

Rinse & Condition

Step 1

Keep your gloves on, thoroughly rinse off mixture until water runs clear. After rinsing, be sure hair feels perfectly smooth from roots to ends (no product is left in hair).

Step 2

Apply half of the Conditioning Shampoo tube. Massage onto wet hair, lather, and then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

Step 3

Then apply second half of Conditioning Shampoo contents. Again, massage onto wet hair, lather, and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

Style Hair as Usual

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