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How To Trim Your Beard Like A Pro

March 03, 2021

If the past year has led you to grow out your facial hair and rock a beard, then you’ve probably realized by now that it’s not quite shake-and-go hair. Like all other hair, your beard needs care. And learning how to trim your beard is key for that, especially when getting to the barber isn’t an option. But if you’re not exactly sure how your barber gets your neckline just right it might seem scary to step into his role. The good news is even if you’re not super skilled with a pair of scissors or clippers, trimming is actually much easier than you might assume. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide peppered with beard trimming tips so that you can groom that beard like a professional.


It would be great if you could grow a beard and just let nature take its course. But since regular trims are necessary to not only keep your look polished, but to keep your beard and the skin underneath it healthy, you want to trim your hair every few weeks. If you’re in the process of growing out your beard or you like to keep the hair a little longer, you can extend the time between trims a little longer.

The most important tools you’ll need to whip your facial hair into shape are patience and a positive spirit. Then follow this step-by-step tutorial below for beard trimming tips that will turn you into a pro with enough practice.


This step should be the foundation of every beard grooming session. You should always cleanse your beard to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities. Start with a facial cleanser, like the L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Extreme Cleanser Infused With Charcoal, which fights the five problems caused by daily city grime: oily skin, dirt, stickiness, dullness, and clogged pores. As a result, your beard and skin will feel refreshed and balanced. 


Next, you’ll want to grab a beard moisturizer to keep your skin and facial hair hydrated. After all, you can’t have a luscious beard without moisture. Try the L’Oréal Paris Men Expert 3-Day Beard Moisturizer, which helps to energize your skin and soften your beard to cover all of your bases.


Before you reach for your trimmer (also called clippers), you’ll want to comb out your hair. This will help you identify which hairs need to be trimmed for an even finish. There are small beard combs you can keep on hand for exactly this purpose.


Use a beard trimmer to slowly trim your hair to an even length. Since beard trimmers come with various beard guards (attachments), you’ll want to find the right one to trim your hair with. Opt for a trimmer that will adjust to your hair type, especially if your beard is thick. Take small, light strokes on the edges and areas that are harder to perfect. After trimming with the clippers, follow up with a pair of scissors to trim stray hairs. If your beard is getting particularly long, you may even want to skip the trimmer altogether and use scissors to carefully clean up your beard.

Editor’s note: Trimming your beard is different from shaving, which requires a razor against the skin. Understand what it means to shave with the grain or against the grain. Shaving against the grain will get you a closer shave but can result in irritation. If you have textured hair, you may want to opt for trimming over shaving if you’re doing it yourself.


Once your beard is nicely trimmed, reach for the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Hair and Beard Cream to give your beard a light hold and natural shine. Apply a dime-sized amount of cream between your palms and work through your facial hair to shape. 


Now that you have a better handle on how to trim your beard, you’ll want to focus on your neckline, which is a sensitive area. Start by looking in the mirror to see where your neckline ends. Hold your head upright and place a finger right above your Adam’s apple. That is the center of your neckline. 

Next, you’ll want to trim any hair from the center of your neckline downward to clean things up a bit. Continue on both sides and make sure to trim your hair evenly. Remember, take your time! You don’t want any nicks or cuts to ruin your look. Finally, apply after shave to soothe redness, and prevent razor burn and dryness.

Photo Credit: Saq Idrees

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