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Snake Nails Are Our Latest Obsession: Here’s How To Get The Look

November 24, 2020

A slithering serpent is just about the last thing you want to look down and see on your hands, but somehow that’s not the case when it comes to nail art. Snake nails are undeniably cool, even if your fear of snakes is still very much real. Painting a snake across your fingernails not only looks edgy, but it’s also easier to do than you might assume. Here, we’re sharing two options for embracing this reptilian nail trend: one featuring a full snake and the other, just a chic snakeskin print.

How To Create a Snake Design On Your Nails

Step 1: Start With a White Base

Paint each of your nails white, making sure to layer the polish until it’s opaque.

Step 2: Create a Snake-Like Squiggle

Using a small nail art brush (or a paint brush) dipped in black nail polish, draw a curvy line that connects across the nails on your ring, middle, and pointer fingers. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will be the base of your snake, so focus on getting the general placement and curvature how you would like it to look.

Step 3: Thicken Your Lines

Pick up more black nail polish with the same brush. Thicken the squiggle you created so that it looks more snake-like. Leave one end thinner for the tail and the other thicker so it can serve as the snake’s head.

Step 4: Add Details

Take a small brush and paint a tiny tongue coming out of the head-end. Split it into a fork at the end for a creepy (and realistic) touch. The tongue can be black for a monochromatic look or red if you’d like to call more attention to your detailing.

Next, use a dotting tool (a bobby pin or dried out pen can work if you don’t have nail art tools) to create two white eyes on the head. From here, you can leave your snake as-is or use your dotting tool and white nail polish to add small specks all over its body.

Step 5: Finish With Topcoat

Every nail art design should end the same way: with a layer of topcoat. This will help your manicure last longer and make your design look smoother. Win, win.

How To Do Snakeskin Nails

If you’ve seen someone rock snakeskin nails, chances are they didn’t freehand them. This is one nail design that’s rarely done by hand. Most often, the answer to how to do snakeskin print nails is to wear nail decals or stickers. It’s easy and effective.

Another option is to use a nail art stamping plate with a snakeskin pattern. In this case, the nails are painted and allowed to dry completely. Then, polish is applied over the design in the plate, and any excess is scraped off with a special tool. Working quickly, a stamp is then pressed onto the design, which transfers it to the stamp. The stamp is pressed and rolled onto the nail to again transfer the pattern. Nail art stamping takes practice and more education, so if this method interests you, we’d recommend continuing to read up on it.

How To Care For Your Snake Nails

Regardless of how you get a snake-inspired nail look, you don’t want your skin to look snake-like. Hands that are scaly and dry can really take away from a manicure, even if it matches the serpent theme you’re going for. In this case, opposites attract, and soft, hydrated hands are the perfect complement to snake nails. After completing your manicure, use the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Manuka Honey All Over Balm - Face, Neck, Chest and Hands to soften skin.

Editor’s tip: This balm isn’t just meant for your hands. After you show your cuticles some love, try applying it as your face moisturizer, too. Its ultra-nourishing formula is perfect for winter skin.

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