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H.E.R. On Becoming a L’Oréal Paris Spokesperson, Her Hair Journey and Thoughts on Climate Change

“I hope to encourage young women to be courageous and confident in their own skin!”
January 28, 2022

When we think of the
musical sensation H.E.R., we often think of a powerhouse voice paired with a youthful face (that at one point she intentionally concealed to let her music lead), oversized specs, inspirational lyrics, voluminous curls and enviable skin. Now, we can add bonafide beauty influencer to that list as the singer-songwriter joins the diverse L’Oréal Paris family of ambassadors as its newest global spokesperson.

“[Being a L’Oréal Paris spokesperson] is a huge honor,” she shared. “To be able to have such a big platform to inspire young women and be a part of a movement that empowers all women is really special.”

And inspire she has. Through her music and messages to her fanbase, H.E.R. has been a driving force in championing for women and young girls across the globe. As a teenager, when her first EP was released, the singer had already achieved some success on the small screen. The now 24-year-old award-winning artist has learned to leverage that success and use her voice to advocate for equality, co-writing the Grammy-winning song “I Can’t Breathe”, which became the musical backdrop of many 2021 Black Lives Matter protests.

She also leverages her more playful side to empower — there was that time she performed “I Love My Hair” on Elmo’s Not-Too-Late spinoff of Sesame Street. In her sultry voice, strumming an acoustic guitar, she sang: 

“Wear a clippy or in a bow, or let it sit in an Afro. My hair looks good in a cornrow. It does so many things you know, that’s why I let it grow. I love my hair.” It may have been one of those few times when adults were crowded around the TV to watch the show with no kids in sight (it was in my home!). That’s just how alluring and electric her voice is — it makes you sit up and listen.

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In the spirit of having everything revealed — which is what her acronym stands for — H.E.R. recently shared her reaction to being tapped by L’Oréal Paris, her acting aspirations, her feelings about climate change and the journey to loving her gorgeous curls.

What was your reaction when L’Oréal Paris contacted you to be a spokesperson?

I couldn’t believe L’Oréal Paris wanted to work with me! I was very excited. I’ve been a L’Oréal girl since I started wearing makeup. I remember using just a little bit of L’Oréal Paris mascara and my mom’s mini compact as a mirror, when I was little.

Which women inspire and empower you the most?

My mom inspires me and the boss women in my life that I work with and look up to! They have all taught me to be myself and to know I’m worth it.

Tell us something no one could guess about you.

Probably that I don’t take myself too seriously.

Can you tell us more about your journey with your hair?

Hair has been a difficult journey, [especially] learning how to love it and take care of it. But it has been worth it. I love everything about my hair and how big it is. I’m proud to say that.

Can you share your latest project news?

I’m preparing for a world tour with Coldplay and my debut in a movie! Also making more music.

Sustainability is top of mind for many people right now. Do you feel concerned by climate change?

Climate change is a topic that I’ve been passionate about for a while and that we should all be passionate about, but it’s neglected. Climate change is real and is affecting us all. If there aren’t effective and impactful changes made now, we won’t be able to reverse or correct the damage.

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Written by: Shalwah Evans, Photo Credit: Adrienne Raquel for L'Oréal Paris

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