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The Best Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals to Shop From L’Oréal Paris

Fill up your virtual shopping cart with these discounted beauty must-haves.
July 05, 2023

Summer signifies a few things: Warm weather, sun-kissed skin, ice-cold cocktails and Amazon Prime Day. Every year in July, Amazon Prime Day marks two days of online shopping madness where everything from electronics to home goods to beauty is marked down on Amazon.com (with freakishly fast shipping, of course). 

L’Oréal Paris always joins in on Prime Day fun, and this year, a variety of best skin care, hair care and makeup products are marked down, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Let’s face it, the only thing better than buying new beauty products is getting those products on sale. Ahead, find all the discounted L’Oréal Paris products to shop for on Amazon Prime Day 2023. Happy shopping!

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What Is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual shopping event for Prime members, where products are on serious sale. It’s a popular day to score deals on tech accessories and TVs, but you can also stock up on necessities, small pleasures, and most importantly, beauty products.

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

This year, Prime Day falls on July 11 and 12 — but, of course, the products with the best discounts can sell out quickly so you don’t want to wait. Two days of deals means you can stock up on the must-haves you’ve had your eye on or you can start your holiday shopping early so it’s out of the way when the fall rolls back around. Amazon Prime Day is proof that you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to get the best deals.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals from L’Oréal Paris 

There are almost too many deals to count, but below we’re naming just a few of our favorite L’Oréal Paris products that will be up to 30 percent off for Amazon Prime Day. With these products already priced so affordably these discounts will feel like a major steal. You can find all of the deals, here.

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives 12% Pure Vitamin C + E + Salicylic Acid Serum

If you want bright, glowing skin, then you’re going to want to add this vitamin C serum to your Prime Day shopping cart. Formulated with pure vitamin C and salicylic acid, the brightening formula boosts radiance, evens skin tone, fades fine lines and minimizes the appearance of large pores. Pair it with the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum for the ultimate hydrating and brightening skin duo

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Anti-Aging Moisturizer

If you have sensitive skin or simply prefer your skin care products without fragrances, this anti-aging face cream is a must-have. It has all the potent skin care ingredients you want, including Pro-Retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, so you can brighten skin, hydrate it and fight wrinkles all with one product.

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Original Washable Intense Lengthening Mascara, Blackest Black

For those of you that love long, luscious lashes, let us put you on this fan-favorite drugstore mascara. The slim wand coats each lash to add length and definition without annoying clumps. The formula is Ophthalmologist-tested, allergy-tested, and it’s safe for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

L'Oreal Paris Magic BB Cream Anti-Redness (For All Skin Tones)

BB cream stands for beauty balm and it’s a great complexion product to have in your arsenal for lighter, skin-focused makeup looks. This formula targets redness, neutralizes flushed skin, evens skin tone, hydrates and perfects in a single makeup step. 

L’Oréal Paris Everpure Sulfate-Free Bond Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

Dry, damaged hair is a bummer but you don’t have to sit back and accept it as your fate. This hair bonding treatment strengthens and repairs all hair types by targeting weak hair bonds (inside the inner part of the hair called the hair cortex), and strengthens them from the inside out. In just six washes, hair appears less damaged and feels softer and smoother. TikTok has declared this bonding shampoo and conditioner a drugstore dupe for the luxury counterpart (that also costs four times the price), and it even has TikTok it-girl, Alix Earle’s seal of approval. 

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Hyaluron + Plump Hydrating Shampoo Conditioner Kit

This shampoo and conditioner contain hyaluronic acid to replump dry, dehydrated strands with bounce, body and shine. Think of it as skin care for your hair: It infuses strands with moisture, leading to a smoother, voluminous style and hair that feels silky. It’s suitable for all hair types and textures, and especially beneficial for those with dry and thin hair. 

L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up in Dark Brown 

We’re fans of embracing your gray and silver roots, but we understand that there may be some occasions when you want to conceal them. Grab this root concealer to quickly cover your gray roots when you’re in between hair color sessions for your brunette hair. The lightweight formula doesn’t smudge or leave your hair with a sticky residue, and it easily washes out with your next shampoo.

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color, 4 Dark Brown

For shiny, vibrant color that rivals a $300 salon visit, add this at-home hair color kit to your Prime Day shopping list. The color cream formula includes a keratin complex that protects the hair while you color it and provides drip-free application for easy DIYing. Use it for a hair makeover or to touch up your roots and refresh your color as it offers 100 percent gray coverage 

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Photo Design: Sarah Duvivier

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