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5 Signs You Need To Take A Break From Doing Your Nails

Know when to put the polish away.
November 06, 2020

Whether you’re a fan of classic manicures or bold nail designs, if you get weekly or bi-weekly manicures you may have asked yourself, “Do nails need to breathe?” Think about it: Getting consistent acrylic and gel manicures without the proper removal methods can adversely affect your nails. Not to mention, misusing polish can leave your nails with a yellow tint. If you’re not too sure if it’s time to give your nails some breathing room, we’re here to provide some clarity. Ahead, we’re sharing the five signs that it may be time to take a break from your manicure sessions.

How Long Should You Take A Break From Doing Your Nails? 

Before we dive into the signs that you need to take a break from doing your nails, you may be wondering exactly how long that break should be. The truth is, it’s best to take a break for at least a week or two. This period will allow you to hydrate and repair your nails so you can sport a healthy-looking set. While you may find it difficult to take a break, you can think of it as a reset period to strengthen your nails so they can look and feel their best in the future.

5 Signs You Should Take A Manicure Break

You may not want to take a break from manicures, but getting your nails back in healthy-looking shape is worth it. Here are five signs that you need to take a manicure holiday, or at least lay off the polish for a little bit.

1. You Have Yellow Stained Nails

Yellow stained nails are one of the most popular tell-tale signs that a manicure break is needed. The common culprit for discolored nails is none other than frequently wearing bright, pigmented nail polish shades. While blue, green, and pink shades look stunning on your nails, leaving them in place for a long time can lead to yellow staining. That’s why it’s important to always apply a base coat as the first step in your nail polish routine. This will shield your natural nails to keep stains at bay.

Editor’s note: If you can’t part from bold nail polish colors, consider switching gears with the help of breathable nail polish. Check out our article, What Is Breathable Nail Polish and Should You Be Using It?, to learn more.

2. Your Nails Feel Thin

Another sign that it’s time to skip out on a few polish sessions is when your nails have a thin look and feel. There are plenty of reasons why your nails can become thin, and peeling your gel nail polish off is one of them. When you’re ready to remove your gel manicure, you should soak your nails. This allows the gel to lift off of your nails instead of peeling and pulling. Other reasons for thin nails include excessive exposure to water and misusing acetone.

3. You’re Constantly Sporting Brittle Nails 

If you use harsh chemicals in your manicure routine, your nails can take a beating and become brittle. That said, acrylic and gel manicures are known to get a bad rep since acetone is primarily used during the removal process and can be drying to your nails. Plus, it’s common for some manicurists to file and scrape your nails to remove acrylic nails and gel manis, which can lead to dry, brittle nails.

4. You’re Experiencing Nail Breakage

Chances are, if your nails are constantly brittle, then they’re often breaking. If you find that your nails break easily, it’s a smart idea to take a manicure break. As we already mentioned, removing gel and acrylic manicures can be harsh on your nails with the wrong methods. In turn, this can lead to nail breakage that persists well after removal. Giving your nails time to rest will help get them back to normal.

5. Your Cuticles Are Always Dry

Skipping out on moisturizing your cuticles and using harsh ingredients when removing different types of nail polish can often leave the skin around your nails with a super-dry feel. To get your nails in shape, you’ll need to use a few drops of cuticle oil daily. It’s also essential to keep your nails and hands hydrated with a hand cream. Not only will your nails feel healthier but this can also help you avoid getting hangnails

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Photo Credit: Jonet Williamson

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