skin care essentials Pomegranate Extract May Be The Secret to Juicy-Looking Lips

Pomegranate offers more than just a tasty flavor and sweet smell.

March 16, 2022
What Is Pomegranate Extract


Aside from providing a juicy, delicious flavor to some of our favorite foods and drinks, pomegranates can actually be incredibly beneficial to the skin. Loaded with rich fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, the L’Oréal Paris pomegranate extract can drench the skin in much-needed moisture and can be especially effective in hydrating dry lips. But, before you go smearing pomegranate juice all over your lips, keep reading. We’re here to offer you a better alternative and break down what makes the ingredient so special. 


What is Pomegranate Extract? 

In order to understand what pomegranate extract is, it’s important to know the basics. According to L’Oréal Paris Head of Scientific Communications Madison Godesky Ph.D., there are multiple parts of the pomegranate fruit that have skin-loving capabilities.

The seeds, she says, are rich in fatty acid components while the juice is rich in antioxidants. “Pomegranate extract is made from the oilier components of the fruit,” she explains. “It’s an amazing ingredient for both the overall diet and for the skin, namely the lip area.” 


Why Is Pomegranate Extract Good For The Lips?

In short, the key benefits of pomegranate extract are that it offers antioxidant and emollient properties. “Because the ingredient is so rich in fatty acids and flavonoids, which are antioxidants, it has a dual-effect on the skin,” Godesky says. “It seals in moisture and provides antioxidant protection to the lips.” 

When paired with hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful humectant that pulls in water (read: moisture) to the surface of the skin, it can be especially effective. 

“Pomegranate extract works synergistically with hyaluronic acid,” Godesky says. “The extract seals in the moisture that the hyaluronic acid brings to the surface and really nourishes the lips.” 


Our Favorite Lip Products With Pomegranate Extract

If your lips are in need of nourishment, check out the L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick. This cushiony lip balm is infused with pomegranate extract for a healthy dose of hydration and antioxidant protection while adding a gorgeous sheer finish to the lips. It’s incredibly comfortable and doesn’t dry out thanks to the formula’s rich fatty acid and oil components. 

Perhaps lipstick is not your thing.  The L’Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Balm-in-Gloss Lip Color also contains pomegranate extract to give the lips a sheer wash of color that leaves them feeling moisturized and comfortable. The silky, liquid-like gloss offers a sheer, high-shine finish. 

According to Godesky, most other balmy products contain waxes. These pomegranate extract-infused formulas, however, contain luxurious oils instead, making them more beneficial to the lips. 

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Written By: Caitlyn Martyn, Photo: iStock