skin care essentials The Strange Skin Tips That Actually Work

When it comes to taking care of your skin, you’ve most likely heard it all. Pinching your cheeks can create a “natural” rosy complexion or popping that pimple is better than leaving bacteria sitting inside your skin. Whether wacky or just plain weird, do skin tips like these actually work or are they just myths passed on by generations of skin care trials – and most-likely errors?

Believe it or not, some of the bizarre skin tips you’ve been told since your teenage years may not only have some truth to them, but can be worth a try.

1. Facial oil can remove makeup: A little strange, but removing makeup with facial oil can be especially good for people with dry skin or those who wear heavy makeup. Remove makeup by applying a few drops of facial oil to a cotton pad across the areas of your skin with makeup. Once your makeup has been removed, wash your face with your regular cleanser.

2. Sleeping face up helps prevents wrinkles: Sleeping face up is a skin tip that may help reduce the development of fine lines. A repetitive or favorite sleep position of laying on your side and the pressing of your face against the pillow can leave impressions in the skin. And sure, most marks wear off by the time you’ve had your morning coffee, but it’s the fine lines that develop over time that we have to look out for. Some dermatologists can actually guess which side you sleep on, based on where you may have fine lines.

3. Change your pillowcase to avoid breakouts: Doing your laundry may not seem like it should be a part of the best skin care regimen, but oils build up on your face overnight and transfer from your skin to your pillowcases. Changing out your pillow case at least once a week will keep your skin more clean over night and help prevent against break outs.

4. Also try sleeping with your hair up: Oils from your hair can rub against your face at night if not pulled away. So for the best skin care routine, don’t forget about your hair. Touching your hair and then your face is also a no no.

5. Aloe fresh from the plant can sooth skin: The long, rich green plant with spiky edges holds one of nature’s greatest soothers. Simply, cut a piece of the plant horizontally, squeeze out the good stuff and apply to the affected area.

6. Your salad leftovers can make a great facemask: Good for your diet and your skin, antioxidant-rich fruits and dark leafy greens can make for an at-home face mask. Make a salad of kale and berries and then blend up any scraps and apply to your face.