skin care essentials Put Skin Woes to Rest

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Improving your skin is so easy you can do it in your sleep.

Sleep helps to restore your skin’s natural balance. However, when you don’t get enough of it, your complexion could be a telltale sign, appearing dull and puffy after only one night of interrupted shuteye.

Inevitable? Sure. But don’t make restless nights a habit. Chronic sleep depravation can cause premature aging, stress and fatigue.

Like the rest of our bodies, skin needs that special “shut down period” in order to stay hydrated and refreshed for the next day.

Sleeping Beauty

As you may have heard, doctors recommend eight hours of sleep per night to look and feel your best. Even missing out on a measly 60 minutes a night adds up to almost a full night’s sleep in just a week. And trust us, your skin will do the math.

Clocking a full 8 hours might take some practice. Be sure to avoid alcohol, coffee and tea 4-6 hours prior to bedtime, get regular exercise, and infuse a “wind-down hour” into your nightly routine. Once the lights go out, keep them out—cell phone and laptop screens are proven to negatively affect sleepiness.

Sleep In

Make the most of your rest by understanding the body’s natural behavior. Skin acts like a sponge while you sleep, absorbing ingredients during the nightly renewal process. Because it’s so accessible during this time, skin care products formulated for night, like Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream, work great. This product works while you snooze to increase cell turnover, reduce the appearance of lines, and plump skin for a more youthful look.