skin care essentials Put a Fresh Face First: 5 Ways to Get Clean Skin

Put A Fresh Face First 5 Ways To Get Clean Skin Main BL

Clean skin is the basic foundation to having beautiful skin day-in and day-out. Starting and ending your day with a fresh face that is clear of dirt, oil and sweat can better help ensure that your skin will look and feel its best for the day or night ahead. While cleansing your skin is one of the simpler skin care essentials, you do still have a handful of skin cleansing options to choose from. You can stick with one skin cleanser or switch them up throughout the seasons, week or even throughout your day; choosing one option for your morning routine and one for your nighttime skin care routine. Pick a skin cleansing formula that not only helps you get a fresh face, but one that also compliments your skin type and individual skin needs too.

Skin cleansing option #1: Foaming cleanser. Better suited for oily or normal skin types, a foaming, gel-based skin cleanser can help cut through oil, dirt and sweat that is likely to build up on the surface of your skin over the course of your day or overnight. When washing your face with a foaming cleanser, use tepid, lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry.

Skin cleansing option #2: Cream cleanser. One of the good skin cleansing essentials for those with dry or mature skin, cream cleansers are formulated to gently wash away surface build up, while nourishing dryness at the same time. Use lukewarm water while washing your face with a cream cleanser and always follow-up cleansing with moisturizing your skin.

Skin cleansing option #3: Micellar water. Get clean skin with a few swipes of a cotton pad dampened with micellar water, using gentle circular motions across your brow, nose, cheeks and chin. Appropriate for practically any skin type, but especially those with dry or sensitive skin, micellar water formulas can clean your skin of surface build up, including makeup residue, making it a good nighttime skin cleansing choice. Micellar water is also a gentle cleansing option, as the formula also has hydrating skin properties.

Skin cleansing option #4: Facial wipe. A great skin cleansing option for those in a hurry or traveling, skin cleansing facial wipe formulas won’t require any water or drying time. You can also see any debris that will transfer from your skin to the wipe, this can better help you be sure that your fresh face is truly rid of surface dirt and oil.

Skin cleansing option #5: Pore cleansing face mask. A nice compliment to your other skin cleansing formulas, applying a pore cleansing face mask after any of the other cleansing options two to three times a week can help boost your fresh face efforts, especially if you tend to have oily skin.

While starting with a clean surface is an essential part of any skin care routine, remember it’s not only about getting your skin clean, but about keeping it that way; so keep these everyday items clean too to better help your fresh face stay that way throughout your day or night.