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Trend Alert: Mini Beauty Fridges

Skin Care Essentials

Trend Alert: Mini Beauty Fridges Trend Alert: Mini Beauty Fridges Trend Alert: Mini Beauty Fridges

Have you noticed a new trend gracing your social media feed, taking up space that used to be occupied by shelfies galore? Trust us, if you take a moment to peruse Instagram’s explore page, instead of seeing shelves lined with beauty products as per usual, you’ll see mini fridges stocked with beauty products. That’s right, beauty products! Teeny tiny fridges, much cuter than what you had in your college dorm room, overflowing with sheet masks, eye creams, jade rollers, facial moisturizers, and more. Basically, they’re your ticket to taking your skin care (and even hair care) routine to the next level. Ready for the full scoop on this beauty trend? Read on!


So, you’ve seen fridges full off skin care products, but why are beauty appliances suddenly so popular? Beyond the fact that keeping beauty products in the fridge can reportedly help them to last longer and stay fresher, there are a few reasons mini beauty fridges are taking over.

1. Refrigerated beauty products feel amazing

Have you ever splashed cool water on your face and felt immediately refreshed? Well, using chilled skin care products can give a similar, cooling effect that you’ll absolutely love.

2. You can keep snacks and skin care separate

Not everyone wants to see a tool they rub all over their face (like a jade roller) right next to their butter and eggs. Some people believe skin care and food should be kept separate and wouldn’t want their beauty products stowed right next to things they consume, so it’s only fitting to have a totally separate beauty fridge—don’t you think?

3. Your beauty products can be right where you want them

Do you do your skin care routine at the kitchen sink? We’re guessing not, which means having beauty products stored in your fridge may be slightly impractical. Are you really going to trek downstairs to the fridge every night to put on eye cream? We think not! You’ll be much better at keeping your skin care resolutions if all the necessary products are within reach, stored in a mini beauty fridge right on your vanity or bathroom counter.

4. They’re ultra-cute!

Don’t deny it, you like for your beauty products to look nice. That’s the reason you’re drawn towards cute packaging and why skin care shelfies get so much love on Instagram. Mini beauty fridges play into this, as they’re all out adorable. They’re tiny and they come in cute colors (we’re partial to pink). It’s also on-trend to deck your mini fridge out with stickers, preferably beauty-related ones. Mini beauty fridges are undeniably snapshot-worthy, which also never hurts a trend in our Instagram-loving world.


We’ve already hinted at a few ideas, but which products should you keep in a mini beauty fridge? You can’t go wrong with most products, but in the case that you have a new mini fridge to pack with products, here are our best suggestions:

L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Rosy Tone Mask: Gel-based masks are one of our favorite picks as far as products to keep in your mini fridge—a chilled mask really takes pampering to the next level. Pop this rosy-hued mask into your fridge and break it out on your next at-home spa day if you have mature skin.

L’Oréal Paris Eye Defense: You can’t go wrong with keeping an eye cream nice and cool. Your under-eye area is sure to appreciate receiving a cool treat, not to mention the anti-aging benefits offered by this particular cream, with every application.

L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Manuka Honey Night Balm: You know those nights in the summer, when your room is way too hot and sleep is evading you? Applying a night cream that’s been refrigerated might just do the trick and help you catch some shuteye! Try a formula like this one, with manuka honey, to not just cool down, but nourish your skin, while you sleep.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi-Shake and Glow Dew Mist: Face mists are an amazing way to refresh your face as is, and that’s only amplified when they’re refrigerated. A few spritzes will have you feeling like a whole new person, especially when you use this illuminating mist.

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