skin care essentials Keep These Things Clean if You Want Clear Skin

Keep These Things Clean if You Want Clear Skin_Main_BL

Your skin could be breaking out for a few reasons, maybe you’re stressed, it’s humid outside or your skin is simply experiencing extra oil these days. While there are many contributing factors that can lead to breakouts and blemishes, there is one constant element that can influence the clarity of your skin. It’s a simple concept, really, but it can be easily overlooked. To help ward off the development of some breakouts, you should not only keep your skin clean, but what it touches clean as well. Here, are common items that will come in contact with your face throughout the day and night, so be mindful of their cleanliness, so that your clean skin can stay that way.

Keep it clean for clear skin tip #1: Your hands. If you think about it, you know that touching your face is a standard component of maintaining clear skin. Still, you may find that you rub, itch and even poke your skin numerous times throughout the day; maybe even without noticing how much you are actually doing so. Try to keep your hands clean, wash them once you arrive to work or when you get to a restaurant. And, be more conscious of how often you touch your face and try to avoid doing so in the first place.

Keep it clean for clear skin tip #2: Your face towel. Patting your freshly clean skin dry with a dirty towel won’t do it much good. You may have washed away surface dirt and oil, but that debris can transfer back to your skin if you’re using a towel that hasn’t been washed in a few days. Try to pat your skin dry using a fresh towel or consider using disposable facial towelettes or a micellar water formula to cleanse your skin. These options don’t require water for wetting or rinsing your skin, so you won’t need a towel to dry your face after cleansing.

Keep it clean for clear skin tip #3: Your makeup brushes. The oil and dirt that may be on your skin’s surface can transfer to your foundation, blush and eye shadow brushes, blenders and other beauty tools. Try to get in the habit of washing your makeup brushes and beauty tools on a weekly basis. You can think of this as a regular step that should be a part of your skin care routine – and not simply your cleaning schedule.

Keep it clean for clear skin tip #4: Your phone. If you’re not using your ear buds or the speaker phone every time you use your phone, then it most likely comes into contact with your skin multiple times a day. Consider wiping down your phone with a cell-phone safe wipe, and also try to keep your office or home phone clean as well so that your clear skin won’t be exposed to pore-clogging dirt and oil.

Keep it clean for clear skin tip #5: Your pillow cases and sheets. Turning in with clean skin is good, but turning in with clean skin on dirty sheets won’t help you maintain that cleanliness for long. Dirt, sweat and oil can transfer from your hair and skin to your pillow and sheets while you sleep, in turn, the same debris can transfer to your skin again. So, consider switching out your sheets about every two weeks and your pillow case every week if you can.

It’s not just about keeping your skin clean, but about what it touches clean too. Encourage clear skin and keep breakouts and blemishes at bay by remembering to keep your hands, face towel, makeup brushes, phone, pillowcases and sheets as clean as possible.