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skin care concerns Telltale Signs You Have Oily Skin

If you think you have oily skin as your skin type, chances are you have your reasons. But, the somewhat surprising truth is: Your skin type can change throughout your life, year or even day depending upon your circumstances. When it comes down to truly declaring that you have oily skin, you should first consult a dermatologist. As your skin’s needs and type change and evolve it is smart to seek the opinion and guidance of the skin care professional.

If you occasionally experience oily skin it could be due to environmental factors like the weather and other internal causes like stress as your body’s hormones play a role in how much oil your skin produces. Mainly though, if you in fact have oily skin as your skin type it is because the glands that produce your skin’s natural oils, the sebaceous glands, are overactive or overproducing sebum, your skin’s natural oils. This is a good condition to have, oily skin ages very gracefully.

A common sign of oily skin is a shiny or moist appearance. Your face may get especially oily in the afternoon as your day progresses. The excess oil that your skin produces can clog your pores leaving behind that shiny-look. Your skin may experience breakouts, blackheads or pimples, but it also might not; having oily skin does not necessarily mean your skin is prone to breakouts. You do, however, have to be more aware and diligent about keeping your pores clean and free of daily dirt, makeup residue and bacteria build up.

You should never try to dry out your skin, but simply balance it. Start by using a cleanser with salicylic acid, like 360º Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser . Wash your face in the morning and night with lukewarm water and give the cleanser enough time to effectively clean your skin. When you have oily skin you still have to moisturize. Applying a non-greasy moisturizer with SPF will help balance oil production and protect your skin against sun damage (heavy SPF formulated for your body can clog pores when applied to your face, so be sure to look for an SPF/ Moisturizer combo particularly for your face). You can also get in the habit of carrying around blotting papers that can quickly absorb excess oil that may build up throughout your day.

While you may not always feel this way, if you have oily skin you should consider yourself lucky. Dry skin is more prone to developing wrinkles and fine lines earlier in life. Embrace your oily skin and care for it by keeping it clean and hydrated.