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How to Use an Epilator

August 29, 2019

Hair removal is no joke. We’re sure you’re right there with us when we say that the constant upkeep that comes with hair removal can be quite the drag. From shaving to waxing to permanent hair removal methods, you likely know there’s more than one option to say au revoir to unwanted fuzz. But have you ever considered epilation? If you’re sick of having to reach for a razor every day, using an epilator every two to four weeks may pique your interest. What’s the catch to opting to epilate? Is there such a thing as a facial epilator? Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about epilators, from what they are to how to use one to remove pesky hairs.


First thing’s first—what exactly is an epilator? Picture an electric razor with a rotating head containing a bunch of tiny tweezers—anywhere from 20 to 40. When used, these tweezers pull multiple hairs out from the root at once. Since the hair is pulled from the root, like with waxing, you’re left with hair-free skin that feels smoother and lasts longer. Yeah, we know—it sounds too good to be true! There are epilators for wet and dry use, depending on your preference, and a range of sizes depending on your needs—ranging from smaller sizes for a facial epilator and larger sizes for body hair removal.


Of course, there are pros and cons to any hair removal method. Let’s go over a few…

Epilation Pro #1: No nicks. Those pesky cuts and razor bumps you get from shaving? No need to worry about them! Since an epilator pulls hair directly from the root, you won’t have to worry about any unflattering nicks that frequently occur when shaving.

Epilation Pro #2: You’ll have better results. Depending on the individual, the results from using an epilator typically last between two and four weeks, like we mentioned above. This is way longer than shaving, which can feel like it needs to be done daily during the summer months. Moreover, since you’re pulling the hair from the root, it’ll grow back thinner and less frequently as you continue to epilate. Aside from the longevity of your hair-free self, you’ll also be left with smoother skin than when shaving since shaving simply cuts the hair at the surface, whereas epilation—like waxing—pulls the hair from the root itself. But, unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait for your hair to get long before going through the hair removal process again, as epilators can work with much less hair.

Epilation Pro #3: It’s cheaper. Think about it: How much money do you spend constantly buying new razors or heading to the salon for a wax? While an epilator device may be pricey at first, it will quickly pay for itself when you consider the aforementioned costs that add up over time.

Epilation Con #1: It hurts. While epilation may seem too good to be true, we do have one big con to throw into the mix: It hurts! Unfortunately, epilation certainly isn’t a pain-free hair removal method. Just think about tweezing—but fast and with multiple tweezers at a time. Not exactly peachy, right? But, as with waxing, the more frequently you do it, the more you’ll get accustomed to the pain. Plus, you know what they say: beauty is pain!


Now that you know more about what epilators are and how they work, you may be wondering how to epilate yourself. Follow the steps below to learn how to use an epilator.


As with shaving, start by exfoliating with a body scrub in the shower. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells and allow you to get a smoother result after hair removal.


If you’re using a wet epilator, skip this step and jump straight to epilating in the shower! If you’re using a dry epilator, prep the space you plan to epilate by laying out a towel. We recommend doing so on your bed and popping on your favorite TV show to make the process more enjoyable! If you’re using a face epilator, you can do so over your bathroom sink.


Grab your epilator and get to it! Start little by little, making sure to pull your skin taught to minimize pain. Feel free the take your time with this process and take breaks as needed.


After you’ve finished epilating, moisturize your skin to soothe and encourage softness that’ll complement your smooth skin. That’s it!

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