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Encourage the Appearance of Clear, Bright Skin with LHA at Any Age

May 19, 2017

Whether you are in your 20s, 40s, 60s or somewhere in between, you may think that the skin care products you use on a regular basis should match your age-related needs. And, while some skin care products are better suited for a specific age range, every so often, you may come across an ingredient that can be used for multiple skin care concerns at any point in life.

LHA can really benefit anyone’s skin at any age. It is known to have both astringent and exfoliation qualities which can range from addressing your everyday skin care concerns, like the appearance of excess oil, or visible signs of skin aging, like the development of noticeable fine lines and dull-looking skin, as you get older. Combining its exfoliating and astringent properties, LHA can be commonly found in facial cleansers and exfoliators for its ability to address skin clarity and radiance. It can also be found in serums, day moisturizers and night creams too. In these formulas, LHA can help gently refine the appearance of your skin’s surface as the hydrating skin care product delivers moisture.

When used as a part of an exfoliating skin care product, LHA allows for gentle exfoliation of your surface skin. Gently sloughing away the surface buildup on your skin will help address dead surface skin cells—making exfoliation more important as we age, notes Skincare.com. Your skin’s natural shedding of dead skin cells slows as you get older, so brighter-looking cells remain buried underneath. This paired with the loss of moisture that can occur as skin ages may result in a dull looking skin tone. Still, even if you are in your 20s or 30s exfoliation helps to reveal skin that appears more bright and fresh at any age. Consider working exfoliation into your skin care routine for radiant and bright looking skin day-in and day-out.

As mentioned earlier, LHA also possesses astringent properties that further encourages the look of clear, bright and beautiful skin. Clean skin is easily a fundamental element of beautiful skin – and yes that’s at any age. Starting and ending your day with clean skin will set the rest of your skin care routine up for success. Cleansers formulated with LHA can take this daily step up a notch, not only helping clear the surface of your skin of excess oil, sweat and dirt, but also sloughing away some dead cells too. Freeing your skin of this excess debris will leave it looking fresh and ready for your next skin care routine steps.

A part of the hydroxy acid family—and any good skin care routine— when looking for skin care products formulated with LHA, keep in mind that it may also be labeled as capryloyl salicylic acid on some cosmetic products.

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