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3 Anti-Aging AHAs You Might Not Have Tried Yet, But Should

June 06, 2016

Alpha hydroxy acids, also referred to as AHAs, can contribute a worthwhile boost to most anti-aging skin care regimens. AHAs, dissolve the upper layer of cells on your skin’s surface. In doing so, your skin tone can appear more even, fine lines can look minimized and dry skin can become better hydrated. AHAs used to be predominantly offered in professional facial peel options, but now many skin care products tout AHAs as ingredients that can help your anti-aging efforts at home. Here are three alpha hydroxy acids to look for in your skin care products:

Anti-aging AHA #1: Lactic Acid. Derived from sour milk, lactic acid can help soften the surface of your skin. In doing so, your skin’s surface may appear more smooth and fine lines and uneven skin tone may become less apparent. Mature skin that is experiencing excess dryness can benefit from the alpha hydroxy acid, you could look for a cleanser, cream, or body lotion with the AHA.

Anti-aging AHA #2: Citric Acid. This AHA contributes to the acidic tastes of some citrus fruits and juices. When citric acid used as an ingredient in some skin care products, popularly including serums and day creams, the alpha hydroxy acid can help skin appear more bright and can help minimize the look of dark spots.

Anti-aging AHA #3: Glycolic Acid. The smallest of all the AHAs, glycolic acid helps to loosen dead skin cells and promote exfoliation by breaking down cellular adhesions, which results in the shedding of top layer skin cells. This can be helpful in removing excess oil and debris from your skin’s surface. In doing so, the alpha hydroxy acid and derivative of cane sugar can help improve the look of uneven skin tones, similar to that of citric acid. Glycolic acid also plays a role in smoothing out the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic acid peels have been popular at dermatologist offices for years, but now at-home glycolic acid skin care products including cleansers, chemical peel pads, day lotions and nighttime treatments also boast the AHA in their formulas.

Incorporate an AHA into your daily skin care routine to encourage skin that looks more bright and smooth. Lactic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid are all alpha hydroxy acids with anti-aging benefits that can your skin appear more radiant and clear.

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