skin care concerns 6 Easy Ways to Improve the Look of Dark Circles

6 Easy Ways To Improve The Look Of Dark Circles Main BL

Dark circles, those pesky sullen rings and the puffiness that appears under your eyes, can be especially hard to cover up – and no matter how much concealer you apply, dark under eyes still peek through. This skin care concern is not an easy one tackle, as your genetic makeup can be one contributing factor – and just as with your eye color, you can’t change it. That being said, there are some lifestyle choices that can magnify their appearance – and you can help those. There are some easy at-home options to help minimize their appearance as well.

Dark circles skin care tip #1: Apply a cold compress. Cold temperature decreases blood vessel expansion, which can help break up some blood vessels that may have collected and formed dark under-eye bags. Before an event, or if you have the time make it a daily ritual, apply a cold eye compress for five to ten minutes to help lessen the appearance of eye puffiness and dark circles. An added bonus: It can be relaxing to close your eyes for a few minutes and unwind while listening to your favorite song or podcast.

Dark circles skin care tip #2: Turn in a little early. While getting more sleep won’t necessarily get rid of your dark circles, everyday exhaustion can contribute to the severity of their appearance. Try to go to bed about 15 minutes earlier than you usually do, and for one week keep moving up your bedtime another 15 minutes each night. By the end of the week, hopefully you’ll feel better rested and maybe even notice a subtle improvement in your dark under eyes and puffiness.

Dark circles skin care tip #3: Eat less salty food. Salty foods can facilitate more water retention in your body, this can accumulate under your eyes and perpetuate the appearance of dark circles. So, consider reaching for a less-salty snack in the afternoon like a fruit and veggie smoothie and try to go light with the salt shaker at dinner.

Dark circles skin care tip #4: Try to stay hydrated. Drinking water and staying hydrated are important for your skin and body. Aloe water can be a great drink option as it has properties in it that can help the skin’s appearance in general.

Dark circles skin care tip #5: Choose your skin care products wisely. Not all eye creams and skin care products are created to do the same things. If you have dark circles look for eye creams that are formulated to help address eye puffiness, under-eye bags and/or dark circles. Topical skin care products with vitamin C, vitamin E, fucus extract, retinoids like pro-retinol, and glycolic acid can be good choices to help address the appearance of dark circles.

Don’t let dark circles put a damper on your appearance or your outlook of your skin’s natural beauty – sure they can be a bother, but you can make a few simple tweaks that may help.