How To Celebrate International Womens Day With These Aptly Named Liquid Lipsticks Intro D

lip makeup Celebrate International Women’s Day with These Empowering Liquid Lipsticks

Makeup is all about self-expression, confidence, and celebrating who we are on the inside—and there’s no better time to celebrate the way makeup makes you feel than on International Women’s Day. This year, to celebrate we’re having a few of our favorite inspiring women—including Nyakim Gatwech, Witney Carson, and Ellen Lora, to name a few—tell us how they embody the names of their favorite Rouge Signature Matte Colored Ink shades. Available in 12 captivating hues, ranging from bold reds to powerful plums to sophisticated nudes, this liquid lipstick delivers jaw-dropping color and a no-makeup feel. With shade names like I Enjoy, I Achieve, and I Am Worth It, it’s no wonder that this group of models, dancers, and influencers turns to wearing Rouge Signature Matte Colored Ink for a powerful kick of confidence. Read on to learn their favorite shades—and find your own inspirational lip hue in the process!
Witney Carson wearing I Enjoy: “I enjoy being a woman because we simply ROCK! Our sense of compassion, love, strength, power, and vulnerability as women, is unmatched. We have the ability to see the good in people, to uplift one another when we are down and to create a community that is all about love.”
Pam Hetlinger wearing I Am Worth It: "I am worth it because I'm a strong and confident woman and I believe in myself!"
Nyakim Gatwech wearing I Dare: "I dare to be fierce in life because you can’t get anywhere without it.”
Ellen V Lora wearing I Achieve: “I achieve resilience in life because I do everything with meaning and curiosity, and am learning and evolving at every stage of the process.”
Doralys Britto wearing I Am Worth It: “I am worth it because I’m not afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” (Want to learn more about Doralys? Click through to our article, L’Oréal Lifestyle: Doralys Britto Answers the Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Answer!)