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Glitter Lips Are In, Here's How to Rock Glitter Lip Gloss

November 18, 2019

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? If you need an excuse to add glitter to your makeup look, you’ll be happy to hear that sparkling, glitter lips have never been more in style. And as it turns out, this dazzling lip makeup trend can be accomplished with the swipe of a single product—a glitter lip gloss—or created by layering gorgeous glitters on top of staple lip products. Ready to give your pout a glimmering makeover? Below, we’re filling you in on our best glitter lip topper—a must for your makeup collection—as well as a few different ways to wear the glitter lip trend.


If you’re late to the game, the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Colored Ink, High Pigment features a range of 28 beautiful, long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks. And while we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for matte lipsticks, it’s the latest extension to the line that we’re here to talk about. Yes, you guessed it, our Rouge Signature liquid lipstick line now features three glitter toppers that are a must if you want to give glitter lips a try. Allow us to break down the shimmery hues, below.

Shade #1: White Gold. If you plan to wear a bold lipstick color, or simply don’t want to take away from the lipstick you choose to wear under your glitter topper (more on that later), White Gold should be your go-to sparkle source. The clear gloss features silver glitter throughout that won’t overpower your overall lip look.

Shade #2: Rose Gold. Prefer something a little rosier? It’s no secret that rose gold is a trending color in the beauty world, and this Rose Gold glitter lip topper is no exception. Wear it when you want a peachy-pink glitter-packed pout.

Shade #3: Pure Gold. Go for the gold with this Pure Gold shade, which is tinted to reflect just what its name suggests. The gold hue is a great option for those who want a bold, royal-esque glitter lip look.


Ready to try out this trend? Here are a few ways to rock glitter lips.


Like we mentioned, glitter lip gloss is one of the easiest and most popular ways to give glitter lips a try. 

Step #1: Color your pout. While this step is optional, we find that glitter lip gloss looks best when paired with a lip color underneath. Consider coloring your pout with one of the matte shades from the Rouge Signature line.

Step #2: Top it off. Bring on the glitter! Take your pick from the three shades of our best glitter lip gloss and layer it over your lipstick for a shimmering finish.


Want to go all out with your glitter lips? For an extra sparkly pout, cosmetic grade glitter will be your BFF.

Step #1: Paint your pout. Use a liquid lipstick to color your lips, applying the formula slightly heavier than you normally would so your glitter has more to adhere to.

Step #2: Grab your glitter. Tap a small amount of loose glitter (one that’s safe for your lips) into the lid of its container, then apply a bit of liquid lip primer on a small makeup brush. This will allow you to pick up glitter and flawlessly apply it to your lips!

Step #3: Press and repeat. Press the brush onto your pout to apply the glitter. Then repeat the process of applying liquid lip primer to your makeup brush, dipping the makeup brush in glitter, and pressing the glitter onto your lips. Do this until you have a full glitter pout!


Prefer a subdued glitter lip look? Give metallic glitter lips a try with the help of metallic lipstick and lip gloss.

Step #1: Color your lips. As always, start by painting your pout in your lip color of choice. For an extra metallic boost, consider one of the shades from the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Crushed Foils Metallic Lipstick line.

Step #2: Apply your lip gloss. You know what to do! The Rouge Signature line features six metallic lip gloss shades to choose from. Alternatively, you can top off your metallic glitter lip look with one of the two colors from the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Crushed Foils Metallic Lip Gloss.

Next up: Embrace a glitzy beauty look in a whole new way with the help of our article, How to Wear Hair Glitter for the Ultimate Sparkly Strands.

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