Loreal Paris The Bare Essentials Thumb BMag
Learn how to create three different nude lip looks uisng neutral lip shades to highlight and define the look. Watch how to create the bare essentials trendy nude lip in this tutorial using the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nude Lip Palette. Find your nude look with Bare Dreamer, Cocoon Kiss, and Teddy Bare.

Be a bare dreamer, apply the cream lipstick shade #6 to both the upper and lower lips. Highlight the look with the #8 shade on the upper and lower lips.

Get a cocoon kiss, use the cream lip shade #5 all over the upper and lower lips. Use matte shade #2 on the center of both lips.

Or go teddy bare by applying the #1 shade on the top lip, followed by the cream shade #4 on the bottom lip. Finish the nude lip look by highlighting the cupid’s bow with #8 lipstick shade.

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