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6 Editors Tested The Color Riche Reds of Worth Lipsticks — And They Have Thoughts

The perfect pop of color just in time for the new year.

Red lipstick is like the little black dress of makeup — it can easily elevate any look for any occasion, so you always keep one in your arsenal. It goes without saying that any beauty editor worth their salt knows a thing or two about finding the best ones. So, when the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Reds of Worth launched, six of our editors with various makeup tastes and different skin tones put the new line of red lipsticks to the test to find out how it stacks up against their favorite go-to lipsticks.  

Caitlyn, Assistant Editor

Respected Red

I typically prefer muted, neutral-toned lipsticks, but I’ll admit that I have a soft spot for this fiery red hue. When I initially swiped the color across my lips, I couldn’t tell if I liked the way that the bold red popped against my light eyes and fair skin. But, the more I got used to seeing myself with the punchy tone, I began to love how the red lipstick complemented and accentuated my features. I may not gravitate towards this shade for an everyday look, but this lipstick will remain in my rotation when I feel like pulling out all the stops this holiday season. 

Alanna, Assistant Managing Editor

Prosperous Red

A bright red lipstick with blue undertones is one of my favorite lip hues to sport around the holiday season. This stunning lipstick has the ultimate-cool toned finish and more — it’s a long-lasting formula that saturates the lips with just one to two swipes. I love how it perfectly contrasts with my olive skin tone and instantly brightens my look. Needless to say, I’ll be rocking it this nonstop for the holiday season! 

Alyssa, Assistant Editor

Hopeful Red

While I’m obsessed with experimenting with makeup and I’m willing to try most things once, red lipstick is outside of my comfort zone. I never feel like it looks flattering on me, but I love the original Colour Riche Satin formula so I was willing to give red another shot. I decided to go for Hopeful Red 一 a rich, dark red with neutral undertones 一 and I’m blown away with  how stunning it is on my fair complexion. I love that it’s a vampy shade without leaning purple, and the formula is creamy and comfortable while providing intense pigment in just one swipe. 

Mary, Associate Editor

Lovely Red

I consider myself a red lipstick aficionado — red is one of my favorite lip colors to wear and I own countless shades (you truly can never have enough). I’ve learned that reds with blue tones tend to work best for me since I have cool undertones, but I was completely enamored by this fiery red-orange shade. Though I questioned how it would look on me, I immediately received multiple compliments which washed away any doubts. The formula itself applies so smoothly, deposits such a rich pigment and feels completely weightless. I can confidently say that this $9 drugstore lipstick easily beats out some of my luxury picks, officially making it my go-to red for the holiday season.

Jaz, Senior Editor

Successful Red

If I’m being completely honest, I tried this lippie purely for the name — “Successful” — and the luxe gold tube. I don’t always expect much from drugstore lipsticks since in the past the ones I’ve tried didn’t have as much color pay-off as their luxe counterparts. However, the smooth formula of this rich red totally gives my prestige picks a run for their money — and they're expensive so that’s quite a run! , All six shades in the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Reds Of Worth collection are infused with argan oil and vitamin E so lips don’t dry out, which is key since in the winter I find myself tossing my matte lipsticks to the side in favor of creamy lipsticks that hydrate lips. I like Successful Red in particular because it’s the perfect  everyday red that complements  my medium skin tone. It makes me look pulled together but not over the top.

Shalwah, Associate Content Director 

Ambitious Red

What can I say, I’m an ambitious woman and I want my makeup to reflect that — so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to this shade called Ambitious Red. I love this sort of fruit punch red that’s a departure from the deeper crimson hues that I tend to wear in the winter. While I also  gravitate towards matte lipsticks because they typically have more staying power for me, it’s nice to have a creamy formula to turn to during the cold weather months when my lips get dry. This pick is super-saturated so I don’t need to use a lot, and it stays in place through drinks and dinner. It feels comfortable on the lips and smooths on easily. The cool-shaped bullet even lets me apply it sans lip liner when I’m in a pinch! 

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Written by: Caitlyn Martyn, Photos: Caitlyn Martyn, Alanna Martine Kilkeary, Alyssa Kaplan, Mary Honkus, Jazmine Ortiz, Shalwah Evans

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