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How To Get Bouncy ‘70s-Inspired Hair

Say hello to volume and bounce.

While straightening hair with a flat iron has been on trend since the 2000s, it’s time to switch things up. With just a scroll through Instagram or TikTok, you’ll be taken down memory lane — back to the ‘70s. Instagram models and influencers alike have been seen sporting big, bold hairstyles reminiscent of our favorite ‘70s bombshells. So, to get the flip they’ve come to love, we’re trading in our flat strands for volume and bounce. Read on for a quick-how to and to find out which products to use to get this ‘70s hairstyle at home.  

How to Get the Bouncy ‘70s Flip Hairstyle

Before you get started, you’ll need to collect a few things first. When it comes to tools, we recommend grabbing a curling iron (with at least a 1-inch barrel), a comb, duck bill clips and rollers.


Step 1: Start by washing your hair with a strengthening shampoo and conditioner duo. We love the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Bond Strengthening Shampoo and the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Bond Strengthening Conditioner to fortify weak hair bonds and leave hair feeling stronger and softer while protecting strands from future damage. 

Step 2: Next, be sure to spray on a heat protectant, since we’re working with heat. Prep strands with the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Leave-In Spray, which protects hair against heat damage up to 450 degrees. 

Step 3: To stay true to the ‘70s vibe, part your hair down the middle.  Then take your comb and create diagonal sections (about as thick as the curling iron barrel) from the top of the head down to the nape of the neck. Starting with the front pieces, take each section and wrap it around the curling iron, curling away from the face. Then, once the section has been heated through with the iron, wrap it around the roller and secure it with a duckbill clip.This allows for the curl to maintain its shape while you work on the rest of the hair. Once the front pieces are curled and secured, work your way back to the nape of your neck, repeating the same steps. 

Step 4: Once all of your hair has been pinned up with the rollers and clips, sit tight. Leave your hair as is while you finish getting ready, or at least a minimum of 20 minutes — the longer you let the hair cool and set in place, the more volume you’ll get once you take it down. 

Step 5: When your hair has cooled, remove the duckbill clips and rollers and brush through your hair with a wide toothed comb from root to tip. Once you achieve your desired shape, spray a generous amount of hairspray, to make sure it lasts. We love the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Volume Hairspray because it gives the hair a workable, brushable hold without making the hair feel stiff or hay-like. 


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Photo Credit: Sarah Duvivier

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