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Should Your Lipstick Match Your Nail Polish?

One of the biggest beauty questions often posed by make-up wearers everywhere is whether or not to any given nail polish with a matching lipstick. There are a number of arguments in favor of both but is there a golden rule to be found among them?

To match...

Coordinating your cosmetics creates a chic, polished look with a simple color palette. It's a very easy way to look as if you've made a lot of effort when you don't have time for anything fussier than painting your nails red (or fuchsia, orange, pink...)

...or not to match

Wearing a lipstick that clashes somehow with your nail polish will give your look a little extra pop of color that is sure to get you noticed. It's also a lot of fun to be a little rebellious with your beauty look, too! After all, rules are (sometimes) there to be broken.

Our verdict

We reckon you should feel free to clash or coordinate to your heart's content. Both styles look great and it's always good to swap your beauty looks around, so just alternate between the two!

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