beauty trends Lessons of Worth: Gemma Chan on Beauty and Empowerment and Equality

“I’m worth being the center of my own story!”

March 31, 2023
Lessons Of Worth Gemma Chan


Over the past few years, what it means to be a beauty brand ambassador has evolved. Gone are the days of surface level messages accompanied by a plethora of perfect pictures telling you to buy a product with a celeb’s endorsement. Public figures are invested in aligning with brands that stand behind causes and movements that propel our communities forward. 

At L’Oréal Paris that’s empowerment through beauty, and always reminding women and girls that they are worth it. So it’s no surprise that the brand’s diverse roster of spokes boasts some of the sharpest, most talented and outspoken actresses, models, athletes, musicians, philanthropists and more. And each of them has their own relationship with beauty and empowerment and what it means to be worthy. 

In its Lessons of Worth series, L’Oréal Paris celebrates women’s empowerment through its ambassadors. The short inspirational videos call for women to believe in their self-worth, and to recognize their value. L’Oréal Paris spokes speak to how the brand’s “Because You’re Worth It” mantra has empowered them personally.

Actress Gemma Chan recently shared her message about calling out discrimination and hate. In a two-minute video she talks about what the brand’s slogan means to her.

“There are so many things, systems, patterns and behaviors designed to make us feel less than because of our gender, our sexuality, our appearance or our background,” she says. “‘We’re worth it’ is a reminder that it’s not true. We all have value.”

She goes on to acknowledge that at times fighting the good fight will be exhausting and hard work, but that it’s worth the effort because bringing attention to inequality and inequity is an effective way to combat it.

“Let’s remind ourselves and say it together out loud: We’re worth it, because we are —  every single one of us,” she finishes.

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Photo: Courtesy of L'Oréal Paris