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Why You Should Make Products Formulated With Aloe Vera a Part of Your Skin Care Routine

May 19, 2017

When you think of an aloe vera plant, do you then find that you immediately think of a sunburn? The gel inside of an aloe vera plant can provide your skin with a cool, soothing sensation – which can be quite comforting if you are trying to help alleviate the sting of a suntan gone wrong. But, while aloe can come in handy at these times, skin care products formulated with aloe have been thought to have many benefits including astringent, moisturizing and soothing qualities as well offering antioxidant protection.

Aloe vera extract possesses a wide variety of valuable vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, C, and E, that together can contribute to worthwhile skin care benefits. And certain aloe vera oil extracts may contain viable astringent qualities, which can help keep the appearance of excess oil at bay.

While any skin type, yes both oily and dry, can reap the benefits of aloe vera formulated skin care products, those with sensitive skin tend to really enjoy the cooling and hydrating qualities associated with these formulas. Skin care products formulated with aloe can make for a soothing way to help cleanse and tone your dry-looking, sensitive skin instead of many traditional foaming or gel cleansers which may strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving you with a complexion that is clean—but also dry-looking. Moisturizers and face creams formulated with aloe vera can help to alleviate the appearance of skin dryness by providing much needed hydration that stays where you want it to—on your skin. Apply your moisturizer while your skin is still damp from cleansing to really help lock in that added moisture.

Broad Spectrum SPF will help prevent sunburns and the skin aging effects of the sun’s harmful rays, so you should apply it regularly every single day – even if you have a skin-soothing solution on hand like aloe vera gel or lotion. That being said, UV rays aren’t the only environmental aggressors that can age the appearance of and negatively impact your surface skin. Factors such as air pollution from car fumes, for example, can damage your surface skin’s integrity over time– especially if left without any protection. Due to its high concentration of vitamins, the topical application of aloe vera extract can help supply the surface skin with antioxidant protection to help defend against harmful free radicals that are present in your daily environment. This works to enhance your skin’s overall quality and appearance, as well as promote beautiful, soft-looking skin.

If you haven’t tried any everyday skin care products formulated with aloe vera yet, don’t wait until the summer or until you end up with an unintended sunburn. Reap the benefits of this hydrating skin care ingredient all year for skin that looks nourished and beautiful any day of the week.

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