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How to Match Nails and Accessories

With the proliferation of big, bold, statement manicures, we’ve officially decided that nails have reached accessory status. Be-jeweled, lacy, geometric, high-shine, and high impact: your nails are a lot like the beloved bags and shoes you crave. Lucky for us, spot-on-trend nails are a lot less expensive!

As you begin planning your fall purchases, consider complementary nail colors and add-ons for a pulled-together look. What looks are we loving right now?

Straight from the New York Fashion Week shows, we can’t get enough of multicolored 3D sequined and bejeweled nails. Pair it with a clutch that brings in a pop of color to your runway-to-street style look. Rich emerald green polishes have caught our eye and look enviable with gorgeous nude shades. Swap your style around and sport a green nail color and crème colored jewelry or go for nude polish and jade accessories—the chic choice is all yours! Silver shoes are everywhere, and we know just the L’Oréal shade to complement your killer new kicks. Feeling grunge in black leather? Compliment your mood with L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Breaking Curfew.

Above all, have fun with nails-as-fashion. Break the traditional, matchy-matchy rules and flip mani fashion on its head. Try an inverted French manicure with a classic pair of studs and you’ll be the talk of the season for all the right reasons. LBD takes on whole new meaning when worn as nail fashion and accessorized with white nail art or favorite prints. The hot nail colors and trends are as endless as the style possibilities. Compliment your look with your nails… and you’ll be sure to get compliments back!

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