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Peptides Skin Benefits:

Peptides are short segments of amino acids. The two most common forms of natural peptides for skin include collagen and elastin. Collagen’s primary function is to provide the skin with good elasticity and thickness. Meanwhile, elastin serves as a flexible skin structural molecule. Together, the two peptides work cohesively to provide skin with its smooth and supple texture. However, over time, the quality of peptides found in the skin can begin to depreciate due to intrinsic factors, such as age, as well as extrinsic factors such as prolonged sun exposure. 1

Despite their short length, peptides can play a significant role in enhancing skin quality. For this reason, skincare companies often infuse peptides into cosmetic and moisturizing formulations to promote anti-aging benefits. By topically applying peptide skin care products, one can help bolster and maintain existing skin quality and appearance. 1 2

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