Keratin Skin Care Benefits:

Keratin is a major protein found in the structure of skin and hair. It can be extracted from human hair or sheep’s wool, and is most commonly found in rejuvenating serums as well as skin and hair moisturizers. Due to its large size, keratin complex peptides can face difficulty moving beyond the skin’s surface. However, studies have shown internal wool lipids (IWL), with a low molecular weight, can successfully penetrate the skin. For this reason, it is recommended for cosmetic formulations to combine keratin peptides and IWL in order to effectively deliver desirable skin-enhancing effects.1,2

The skin care benefits of keratin include strong moisturizing properties and enhanced skin elasticity. Topical application of keratin for skin showed an ability to inhibit the damage on important skin structural components, thus resulting in a significant increase in overall skin elasticity. Keratin samples formed using an aqueous solution or in liposome form showed an increase in skin hydration. This is due to keratin peptides’ ability to reinforce the skin barrier function and reduce transepidermal moisture loss, keeping skin looking young while feeling firm and supple.2

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