Copper Peptide

[kä-pər, pep-tīd]

Categories: Peptides

Copper Benefits:

Copper peptide is a naturally occurring compound that is extensively used in skin care, especially in products regarding anti-aging. In addition, they can also provide the skin with antioxidant and skin brightening properties. 1 2

More specifically, the combined copper peptide unit: GHK (glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine) can function to visibly help improve skin quality. By topically applying a formula containing copper peptide, studies have shown an improvement in the skin’s overall appearance. Copper peptides also provide antioxidant protection that help to neutralize free-radicals present in the environment. A study observing the use of copper peptides for skin care purposes found it to be an effective method for reducing visible signs of photo damage. Furthermore, copper peptides can potentially induce a skin-tightening effect that can improve firmness and elasticity. 1 For these reasons, copper peptides are often incorporated into topical skincare products (e.g., copper peptide serum, copper peptide lotion). By potentially protecting against external stressors and helping to improve skin-elasticity, products with copper peptide skin care benefits are ideal for enhancing the skin’s overall appearance. 2

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